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How to make your first Pandora bracelet

Press release December 8, 2009 Fashion

Want to know how to create you're first Pandora bracelet?

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Not sure what the whole 'Pandora bracelet' thing is all about? Here's a quick start guide...

First, you need to choose your starter bracelet onto which the Pandora beads are threaded. They come in silver, oxidised silver, silver and gold and all gold. The most popular are the silver. 
Pandora bracelets also come with two different type of clasps. Firstly, a lobster claw clasp, which is slightly easier for the wearer to open than a clam shell clasp and slightly less expensive. The Pandora clam shell clasps look like a bead and so become invisible on the bracelet. They are the most popular type of clasp. To find your correct size measure your wrist and add on 2-3cm. This will allow enough room to get the beat on comfortably.  
How a Pandora bracelet works:     Imagine taking some beads and threading them onto a bracelet. When you came to putting the bracelet on all the beads would slip around to the bottom of the bracelet and be out of sight under your wrist. Pandora have come up with an ingenious solution to this problem....On a Pandora bracelet there are two little 'nodes' that divide the bracelet into three sections along its length. Pandora beads must be screwed onto the bracelet and then sit within one of these three sections. They then cannot fall around to the bottom of the bracelet and are always in view. Special clip beads fit snugly around the nodes and can be used to disguise them.
What to do next:    A Pandora bead is bought to mark the unforgettable moments on your life. As the bracelet grows so it becomes your unique, sentimental journey. 
There are over 500 hundred beads to choose from. You can use your imagination to choose which bead might go with which occasion. To add colour and vibrancy to your bracelet take a look at the sparkly beads or the the gorgeous Murano glass beads. For a birthday how about the birthstone beads or the zodiac beads? Spacers can be used to inexpensively bulk up the bracelet and frame the more eye catching beads.
Pandora bracelets are so romantic. They're all about shared intimacy, giving and receiving and remembering life's special moments together. They make wonderful Christmas and birthday presents. Each year you can add more beads to the bracelet and you will never be stuck what to get her again.
If you haven't the time to go through all the beads to make up a bracelet, some web sites sell finished bracelets complete with beads. If you're going to choose the beads yourself we've found that bracelets look best if you stick to just one or two colours. As you add more beads to your bracelet so it will become more precious to you, so you might like to consider adding a safety chain as an extra level of security.
Did you know that every Pandora bead has been made by hand using the 'lost wax process'?