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How to keep your goods safe in transit

Press release February 29, 2012 IT

Shipping to customers made easy.

It is imperative that your goods remain in perfect condition whilst in transit when shipping or posting goods to customers. Sometimes it can be difficult to guarantee that goods aren’t damaged in transit but this article will hopefully give you a good insight into the types of materials you should use when shipping to customers.

Bubble Wrap and Foam:

Bubble Wrap and foam are perfect for protecting delicate items such as glass etc., wrap them up securely in the bubble wrap and be sure they will remain in good condition in transit.

Cardboard Boxes:  - Make for the perfect package solution, put many items in boxes which offer extra protection of goods whilst in transit. Also you could save on postal costs if you are sending out more than one

Pallet wrap does exactly what it says on the tin, perfect for securing pallets of goods; the pallet wrap keeps everything in place during transit and ensures everything arrives compact and offers the delivery guys to get the pallets off the trucks without worrying things will fall off.

Heat sealing: Ensure your goods are securely wrapped up by heat sealing the packaging. The heat sealing offers a more secure fix than tape.

Tissue Paper and packing paper – Make sure your good arrive not only safely and in good condition, but the packaging looks aesthetically pleasing to the end user.

All of the above materials will help you to ensure your goods remain in excellent condition throughout their journey to the consumer.