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How to Hire a Private Investigator – Part Two from Insight Investigations

Press release September 7, 2011 Business

Insight Investigations second article on how to hire a private investigator, this part of the series takes a look at the credentials to look out for and how it will help you to hire a private investigator to deliver results effectively and legally.

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Continuing on from part one of How to Hire a Private Investigator, which looked into the different types of private investigators for a wide range of scenarios, part two of the series takes a look into what to look out for when hiring a private investigator such as their accreditations, credentials and organisation memberships.

Although a private investigator can trade without having to hold any recognised qualifications or a license in the UK, the issue of how to hire a private investigator with links to globally recognised associations and who undertakes training is a vital element to consider, this also goes for a private investigator’s credentials, experience and their skills.

Making some basic checks will esure that your time and money are not wasted with an inexperienced or indeed under qualified private detective agency who may be happy to consult you and undertake an investigation without getting the right results.

In the modern era lots of people are turning to the internet and search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to find a private investigator for their individual needs. The internet is a fantastic avenue to search as it brings up hundreds, if not thousands of results to choose from. However, this poses a problem in itself as the different types of marketing that the search engines allow such as paid advertising allow virtually anyone to set up a business and be on the leading pages of the search engines within hours.

Here is where the pitfalls come into play, for example somebody with no investigation experience could register a company in the morning and put a website live offering services related to private investigators, by the afternoon they could be taking calls and booking investigations. It is that easy to hire the wrong private investigator.

There are a number of leading associations such as WAPI and the ABI, WAPI being World Association of Private Investigators and ABI, The Association of British Investigators. Any experienced and professional investigator or detective agency will hold membership with such bodies. The ABI are almost 100 years old and have been endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales which speak volumes about their reputation. Such associations will not allow membership to private investigatorswho do not conform to the law or hold relevant experience as it would be damaging for them to be linked and allow membership, look out for logos of these bodies on any website you are visiting for investigation related services.

Check also for testimonials on a website, any company in any industry offering investigation services will be proud to be able to showcase as many testimonials as they can from all types of clients from private, corporate and legal. Closely related to testimonials are recommendations, if you are a business needing an investigation it would be worth visiting forums that business owners use and recommend service providers or speaking with people who may have used a private investigator with success.

Asking the right questions when you contact a private detective agency can also help you to decide if indeed they are the right company to carry out your investigation, ask questions on the company history, such as how many years trading experience and background, even personal questions such as the private investigators training and education are all relevant in helping you to decide how to hire a private investigator.

The very best genuine private investigators will undertake ongoing training to ensure they are adept and knowledgeable in the methods of criminals and new era technology to assist with investigations, it would be worth asking what type of training and how frequently a detective agency and its investigators do attend courses to ensure they are up to speed.

All of the above areas should help you to decide how to hire a private investigator, if you have any questions regarding how to hire a private investigator please feel free to contact Insight, we have over 30 years trading experience and are members of leading associations WAPI and the ABI, our Director Tony Smith is vice chairman of the World Association of Private Investigators.