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How to Hire a Private Investigator – Part One from Insight Investigations

Press release August 16, 2011 Business

Insight Investigations have devised and released a part by part guide on the mechanics and fundamental considerations that need to be taken when hiring a private investigator. Part one of this guide looks at the various sectors within the industry, private, commerical and legal and how to pick a specilist private investigator for your relevant industry or situation.

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When you need to hire a private investigator there are a number of factors to consider to ensure that you make the right choice. Depending on the nature of your situation and reason for hiring a private investigator, you will need to ensure the investigator or agency you choose to carry out the investigation are experienced and skilled in that sector of the industry.

Looking at various scenarios, this guide will help you decide how to hire a private investigator that can carry out an investigation discreetly, professionaly and provide you with excellent results.

It could be that you may have a personal or extremely private matter that needs investigating such as a matrimonial or relationship problem, this would require a private investigator that is skilled in matrimonial investigations. This type of investigation could be made up of services such as surveillance, vehicle tracking, pre-nuptial checks and cheating partner evidence gathering.

For this type of enquiry the upmost elements of experience, trust and discreetness are vital, just employing any investigator or agency may not provide the right results. Try to look for a company that stick to UK laws and are not just a honey trap style agency, but offer solutions to gain complex evidence in order for you to make informed decisions.

Commercial and corporate investigations take many different forms and as with private or personal investigations will require the right private investigator or detective agency to carry out the investigation.

In these tough economic times there have been an increased number of instances of internal theft and fraud that are very damaging financially to any business. The right type of private investigator for corporate ivestigations should be able to offer a whole host of investigations services such as employee abseteeism and misconduct, employee theft and fraud, surveillance and GPS tracking services.

Commercial investigations also cover more pro-active company matters such as due dilligence and competitor profiling investigations to ensure that you are acting with a high level of responsibility and obligation to your clients. A private investigator skilled in competitor profiling will help your business to spot potential markets, gain competitive advantages on your competition and remain a market leader.

Many leading private investigators and detective agencies often get lots of repeat business from the legal sector due to forging a reputation for providing excellent results over many years, it is essential when deciding how to hire a private investigator for legal and litigation investigations that they are very experienced in a number of areas such as;

. Process serving
. Insurance Investigations
. Road Traffic Accident Investigations
. Tracing Enquiries
. Evidence Gathering
. Asset Recovery
. Criminal Defence
. Criminal Appeals

All the above legal and litigation investigation services are extremely professional services that require evidence that has been obtained legally and that is 100% accurate to support any ongoing case or investigation. For this reason you would need to choose to hire a private investigator that has a portfolio of legal clients as well as black and white testimonials to back up their services.

Do not let the issue of how to hire a private investigator be a daunting task, just ensure that you take into accout the nature of your enquiry and assess the capabilities of any private investigator or detective agency you speak to.

Part Two of this article will look at how to hire a private investigator and ensure their credentials are up to the required standard.

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