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How To Get A Second Opinion Health Assessment The Personal Way

Press release November 29, 2012 Health

Anyone Concerned About Their Health & Fitness But Want An Independent View Might Benefit From The ‘My Home Trainer’ Health Assessment Check

Doctors, surgeons, health practitioners, GPs, nurses; they do a fantastic job, but they don’t always get it right.

That’s why many people often decide to seek a “second opinion.” Normally that might mean seeking an alternative medical assessment, say by a homeopath or acupuncturist or ‘faith healer.’

But now there is another way.

Through a personal trainer.

Or more specifically, My Home Trainer (MHT).

My Home Trainer is one of the UK's most recognised and leading personal training companies, providing mobile fitness training all over the country.

And one of the first things they do is carry out a thorough and professional health assessment for anyone who wants to find out how their bodies are shaping up to the rigours of today’s fast-paced world.

What is more, these health assessments are conducted at times to suit those seeking advice in the comfort of their own homes or places of work.

The Health Assessment includes:

  • Blood Pressure.
  • Heart rate.
  • Postural analysis
  • ROM assessment
  • Height / weight
  • Body composition/ BMI
  • Circumference measurements
  • Lifestyle management and goal setting.
  • Training programme and plan of action.
  • Scheduled reassessments to monitor progression.
  • Lung function (COPD screening)

All of the data is recorded and kept in personalised confidential files so the trainer can monitor a person’s progress and highlight areas which need more attention.

But even if people are a little sceptical about giving away their personal details to a personal trainer, that is okay because an MHT professional can still measure a person’s goals from how they look and feel or how their clothes fit.

“Many of our clients,” says Mike, an MHT representative from London, “are new to personal training and appreciate the benefits from the moment they have their free initial consultation and health assessment. It’s ideal for all those who want a more informal way of finding out how fit they are.”

From there, the MHT personal trainers can start to develop a personal fitness training programme tailored to an individual’s specific needs based on the health assessment and the results of that assessment which will highlight what areas of fitness require working on.

MHT work with people of all ages, levels of ability and goals - from weight loss, sports specific coaching to mobility and pre and post natal work.

“Training with us,” adds Mike, “is not like a gym environment where you fit around other people, this is private time - dedicated to individuals and achieving their goals.”

My Home Trainer:

Telephone: 0800 228 9239

Email: [email protected].