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How to cut costs and increase sales – Digi-products resolves businesses’ dilemma

Press release December 15, 2008 IT

Dig-products create branded digital brochures, catalogues, presentations and web sites fast and easily for companies to send to mass audiences with no printing or mailing costs

Digi-products Ltd is helping companies forced by the credit crunch to face the dilemma of reducing costs while simultaneously increasing their marketing with its highly responsive, flexible and instantly measurable online marketing tools.

With Digi-products, a business can create a suite of matching marketing materials (including PDF brochures and catalogues, micro-web sites and Flash presentations), email them to thousands of customers and measure who actually views the documents – all within hours.

“Digi-products combine professional presentation with the speed and cost effectiveness of internet distribution to slash companies’ print budgets and eliminate postal distribution altogether,” comments David Boyland, managing director of Digi-products Ltd.

“With every business now being forced to reduce costs and increase their marketing, Digi-products can achieve both for them.”

“Executives who think this sounds too good to be true are frequently astounded by the power of Digi-products during a live demonstration,” adds Boyland.


Fast, easy and measurable

Digi-products has developed its own range of easy-to-use, flexible marketing tools so that companies can easily and quickly create entire marketing and sales campaigns that adhere to their corporate design guidelines.

Digi-products are set up to generate all marketing materials in a company’s corporate style and enable users to produce material without any formal training by entering text and photo content through a standard web browser.

Emailing to a distribution list is also easy and Digi-products automatically optimise documents to create small files that open and respond fast when viewed in a browser.

Every time a reader opens a brochure or presentation, this event is reported back to the sender, so a company can measure the level of customer interest if they open documents once, twice or more.

This valuable reporting enables a company to measure the success of a campaign, often within minutes of if being sent, and to focus its sales resources on contacting prospects showing a definite interest in a product or service.


Flexible range to suit every organisation

Digi-products are used by a range of customers in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, from large corporates requiring enterprise solutions, including BMW, Christie+Co, Bang-Olufsen, Accor, Olympusand Lexus, to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Both customised and off-the-shelf digital marketing solutions are available, and because Digi-products has originated and developed all its own products it has built in the flexibility to deliver new features in response to customers’ requirements.


Take the lead in the new marketing landscape with Digi-products

“With companies looking for new ways of marketing their products and services that exploit the internet’s capability for instant mass communication while simultaneously reducing the high traditional costs associated with the design, production and distribution of printed material, Digi-products enable them to achieve both,” concludes Boyland.

“Digi-products are easy-to-use, yet sophisticated tools that enable forward-thinking businesses to take the lead in the new marketing landscape.”

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