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How to Create a Unique Wedding Ceremony

Press release March 15, 2013 Lifestyle

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After 40 years of steady decline, 2012 finally had an increase in the number of weddings in the UK. An extra 8,657 couples tied the knot in 2012, which is almost a 4% increase on 2009, which was year for the fewest number of weddings since the 19th century!

So as more weddings take place, more couples will be looking to say their vows in the most interesting way possible to create a completely unique wedding that they will remember forever!

However, it is very difficult to come up with a theme, destination or unique version of a wedding ceremony that hasn’t already been done!

A couple get married in a shark cage underwater

Photography by ADA Studio

Unless you have a shed load of cash to spend on a flight into space to get married – which is probably impossible anyway because you technically aren’t in a country which has marriage laws – then you’re really going to be struggling to find something completely and utterly unique.

Underwater, naked, bungee jumping, cycling, in fast food restaurants/retail stores, at sporting events and even on a roller coaster, it’s all been done.

So how can you create your very own unique ceremony?

There are other ways to make your wedding ceremony unique without having to go to extremes in location or activity.

Create Your Own Vows

If you write and say your own vows, which are absolutely specific to you and your partner, nobody else will be able to steal that from you. You will be the only couple in the world to utter those words at the altar before exchanging rings. Personal vows are extremely meaningful, but can also be one of the most difficult parts of the wedding – trying to think of what to actually write! Those vows will be with you for the rest of your life, and there is no correct way to write them, because they’re 100% individual and unique to you and your partner.

There’s no point in rushing writing vows. Look around for inspiration, think about your partner and why you’re writing them, and you’ll start on the right track to writing your vows.

Design Your Own Rings

With a little help from us, you can have your very own unique wedding rings with a personalised inscription from a range of writing styles. You tell us what you want, and we’ll be back to you with a quote and time frame before you can say “I do”.  Our rings are made from scratch and shaped to fit your finger perfectly, so you know you and your partner are getting the perfect rings for your big day.
The Wedding Rings Direct Workbench where we manufacture every single ring we sell

Make Your Own Dress

This might seem like a ridiculous suggestion to many brides out there, but for those with a keen eye for design and creation, it’s perfectly practical! Not only will you be able to have a dress that nobody else has worn, or ever will do again, but it will dramatically bring down the cost of buying a dress. Creative freedom is something a lot of brides crave, and there is no better way to express your personality and preference than making your own perfect dress.

Bake Your Own Wedding Cake

Everybody loves cake, and lots of people like baking cakes! So why not bring the two together and come up with your ultimate wedding cake which caters for all tastes – but most importantly your own! – and you will once again have full creative control over the cake!

Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers

Don’t spend hundreds of pounds on wedding flowers! Grow the flowers that you want in your bouquets and arrange them yourself if you feel confident enough. There will always be a flower arranger who will be available to lend a helping hand if you aren’t feeling up to creating your bouquets, but just growing the flowers instead.

Jump On The Viral Bandwagon

Viral videos come and go almost within a day, and most are forgotten after a week, but there’s a few which stick around and gather momentum as time goes on. You’ve probably already thought of the main two viral sensations of the past year: PSY’s Gangnam Style and the Harlem Shake. And although a few weddings have already participated in creating their own version of these mega YouTube hits, it is only a matter of time before a new viral video fad is around the corner, and if your wedding just happens to be at the time that the next big thing is becoming mainstream, you have a chance to be the first to participate!

Onesie Weddings

If you don’t know what a onesie is, where have you been these past couple of years? They’re the biggest “fashion trend” of this decade so far, with people wearing them for all kinds of occasions. If you’re a big fan of the onesie and fancy wearing something slightly out of the ordinary for your wedding – and maybe getting all of your guests to wear one too – then you’ll be among the first people to do it. They’re incredibly comfortable and surprisingly warm, so choose comfort over style for a dress down wedding!