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How to Choose Wall Art - A Guide from WhoArtNow

Press release August 19, 2011 Culture

Leading online retailer and creators of bespoke, funky wall art WhoArtNow have published a great guide on the best tips on how to choose wall art.

Wall art

The issue of how to choose wall art is a task that many people are facing on a daily basis, in the home or commercially, there are certain physical considerations when choosing wall art to consider, such as;

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Colour

  • Images

Equally important as the physical factors that make up a piece of wall art is the factor that you are comfortable with the chosen design and that it compliments the living or working environment that it is going to be featured in.

This guide looks at some of the main considerations on the above key areas that should ensure your chosen wall art provides a stunning focal point and does not upset the balance of the room.


How to Choose Wall Art - Size

Choosing the right size of wall art is obviously of paramount importance, after all if you are placing the wall art onto a small chimney breast wall or narrow office wall, choosing a large singular or multi part piece of wall art would almost certainly look out of place and not in proportion with the size of the wall surface.

It is easy to just pick the biggest piece of art sometimes to fit within a budget so that you feel you are getting more value for money; however as a rule of thumb choosing wall art that is in proportion with the wall surface will look better. Wall spaces, ceilings and windows can provide a natural border for your chosen art and help create a perfect balance.


How to Choose Wall Art – Shape

The shape of wall art is again a big consideration that ties in more often than not with the size of the chosen design and artwork. A square canvas will almost certainly compliment any room and is seen as quite a safe option depending on the total dimensions. As with the size of wall art, the shape does also go off personal taste and preference but sticking to choosing art that is in proportion with the wall space will work better. For example a narrow, high wall would suit a piece of long, thinner piece of wall art, a wider, shorter wall would be complimented by a squarer piece of wall art.

Working on a ratio of 2:1 is a good way to judge how effective your wall art will look and fit with your room to create a perfect balance, the 2 being your wall, the 1 being the wall art.


How to Choose Wall Art – Colour

The colour and tone of your chosen wall art is of massive importance, colours can have great influence and stimulate a persons emotions, research has shown that choosing the wrong colour can have a negative effect in both working and personal environments, whilst on the flip side choosing a colour to compliment a certain habitat can boost productivity and well being.

In the home the kitchen plays a big part in everyday family life, it is the area where people make food, dine together, socialise and are generally in and out of the space very frequently throughout the day. Choosing bold, warm colours such as red, orange and yellow will help to stimulate appetite when preparing food and also consuming food so make perfect sense as primary colours for the kitchen.

Orange is also known as a stimulator of the mind and for helping with a persons focus, more and more commercial entities and office spaces are using orange as the main colour or the colour of choice when choosing wall art.

More natural, calm colours such as green and blue are ideal colours when choosing wall art to use in living spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and conservatories. Most associated with well being and health, these colours can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed so are perhaps best suited as your chosen wall art colours to home environments and not energetic office or working areas.

Some colours such as pink and purple are seen as more feminine colours for choosing wall art, however when considering purple as a primary wall art colour it is worth noting it is hugely associated with creativity and can reflect quite a regal image. Over the past decade many people have chosen to use purple as a colour for the bedroom and living room to emphasise style and wealth.

Pink, despite being seen as a deeply feminine colour is also known as the most romantic and affectionate colour when choosing wall art, using pink in the bedroom can stimulate affection and romance. It is also a strong portrayer of femininity so strongly associated with female living spaces in the majority of properties.

It is worth speaking with a manufacturer, designer or retailer of wall art to find out which colours work well in certain environments if you are uncertain and which ones work well together to get the perfect blend if you want to mix and match.


How to Choose Wall Art – Images

The image or images being showcased via your wall art are all important, in commercial rooms and office environments inspiring or iconic images are often very popular, they can reflect a nice chic and modern image whilst blending with a retro style. For this reason pop art is extremely popular with many people, emphasising certain musical icons, sporting icons or other favoured images is a way of creating your own personally influenced backdrop and wall art.

More natural images such as flowers, landscapes or organic wall art will work well in the kitchen, complimenting an eating are where perhaps a powerful image may make to bold a statement.

Wall art that encompasses images of the family, favourite places and landmarks are very popular in living areas or where people congregate and socialise as they can reflect a warm and secure image that can be uplifting to a persons emotions.

The above areas of how to choose wall art are recommendations and suggestions that have been proven to work well however choosing wall art is at the end of the day more than anything down to personal preference, as such choosing wall art that you are happy with should at the very least leave you feeling happy with your chosen colour, size and shape of wall art.