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How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Tyres

Press release August 30, 2011 Motor & Transport

When purchasing motorcycle tyres it is essential to choose the right type of motorcycle tyre to suit the conditions and surfaces you will be navigating. This will ensure increased performance and longevity of the tyres.

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Choosing the right motorcycle tyres for your model of motorbike is absolutely essential, not only will this increase safety for a rider, but it will also help to maximise performance. There are many factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle tyre and if all the elements are considered you should achieve increased longevity of the tyre to compliment the riding benefits.

Many manufacturers of motorcycle tyres will claim to be the best tyre on the market however the truth is there is no best tyre. The reason for this bold statement is that no one tyre will suit all needs and purposes, the solution to finding the right tyre is to pick a motorcycle tyre that matches the riding conditions and also the motorbike.

Manufacturers such as Bridgestone and Michelin are both deemed to be very good quality motorcycle tyres, however they can be very expensive, which in the current economic climate will rule them out of the reckoning for a rider with financial constraints in place. Looking at all the different manufacturers and analysing the type of riding each tyre is intended for will help you to find a solution and possibly save you money as well.

Different motorcycle tyres are manufactured for varied riding scenarios, such as racing, street and touring, all very different styles of riding from one to the next. For example if you are using a bike for track riding it is likely that the bike will be taking long corners at speed with with the rider leaning into curves, choosing a a motorcycle tyre with a reputation for having strong sidewalls will assist greatly. On the flipside if you are going on touring style journeys over long distance it would be likely the tyres are being subjected to increased weight of luggage, choosing a strong rear tyre to assist with acceleration and take most of the load will increase performance.

Talking to people and seeking out specialist advice will greatly assist you, as with any product or service there a review websites, motorcycle forums and other channels out there to read and compare peoples experiences of certain tyres and their performance in different scenarios and with different riding styles.

It is always advisable to speak with motorcycle tyre dealers be it in the high street or online, choosing a dealer with years of experience will almost certainly result in good impartial advice being given. If you do not feel confident in speaking with dealers then going straight to the customer service or technical department of the actual tyre manufacturer should set your mind at ease that any advice being given in 100% safe and sound.

Remember, it is not all about the brand name or cost, it is abuot matching the tyre to your bike, riding style and riding scenario for the tyre, if you change styles and the type of riding you undertake frequently then you will have to swap your motorcycle tyres for each purpose to maximise performance and increase the tyre longevity.

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