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How much would you pay to own The World's Most Expensive Link?

Press release August 24, 2009 PR

A new top link has raised the bar even higher...


The top link on was sold this week for an amazing, record breaking £245! The brand new owner of The World's Most Expensive Link is 

Yet another milestone this week also saw the number of links added to the site break through into triple figures - over 100 sites now have a link - and they are getting seen all the time by more and more new visitors to the site.

The site was the brainchild of Alan Noake, Managing Director of The ICELAB Ltd and has slowly being growing in popularity as more people see that it is Win-Win-Win situation. The link owner win's because they get their website seen, the previous participants win because they earn micro-commission payments from their links and the selected charities win because they receive ad-hoc donations for no outlay at all on their part.

To date well over £300 has been raised for local, national and international charities chosen by participants on the site.

Alan says, "We started the site as a bit of an experiment and a bit of fun. If it was so difficult to get to the top of Google why shouldn't we just create a site where whoever pays the most goes top - simple. We obviously hoped it would really take off but never quite imagined the top link would sell for hundreds of pounds! It is now rapidly becoming a unique and original way to promote a website."  

So, exactly how much would you pay to own