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How many suppliers does it take to create a digital brochure? None, using new WYSIWIG Digi-products

Press release February 13, 2009 IT

Digi-products WYSIWIG tools enable anyone in a company to create high quality digital marketing materials and brochures through their web browser

Desktop publishing, email newsletters and other technologies have been promising easy-to-use tools for creating professional content for decades, but it’s only now thatDigi-products offers easy creation of digital marketing materials without special software or user training.

“If you can use a web browser, copy text from a word processor and find a JPEG image on your PC, you can produce professional digital materials and send them to thousands of customers using Digi-products. It really is that easy,” explains David Boyland, managing director of Digi-products Ltd.

Paste text and place images in a brochure via your web browser
Digi-products enable creation of professional brochures, Flash and web sites through a standard web browser using its new WYSIWIG interface – What You See on screen Is really What You Get.

Companies can use Digi-products templates, fully customised with their logo, corporate identity and colour schemes, to produce digital brochures from start to finish themselves – with no need for designers, agencies, printing or mailing – and distribute them quickly and inexpensively by email.

Used by motor manufacturers, estate agents, hotel chains and other sectors, Digi-products are suitable for any business needing to produce mass distribution of branded materials to customers or other target audiences.

Build and see a brochure on screen exactly as your customer will see it
Digi-products creates corporate templates so that employees can put together marketing material in minutes simply by adding content.

  • Images selected from a PC are automatically uploaded and resized to fit the space on the ‘page’.
  • Text can be copied from word processing files or other sources and pasted direct on to the ‘page’.
  • Digi-products automatically re-flow text and graphics to fit, while users can change text colours and sizes, add bold or underline for emphasis, and tweak the page to get the desired result.
  • All the time, what is displayed on screen is what the reader receiving the brochure will see.

“We think this meets a major need in many businesses – being able to create and distribute marketing materials really fast, at minimum cost and all without those unexpected charges and delays that always happen when outside agencies are involved,” continues Boyland.

“While there will always be a need for agencies to create one-off bespoke brochures, we believe that most businesses need to send a variety of frequently updated information about their products and services, all presented with a branded, professional feel – that’s where Digi-products can really work for them.”

Create, distribute and monitor response easily
As well as enabling easy creation, Digi-products also report automatically whenever a reader clicks on a link to view a brochure, providing an end-to-end corporate communications system from putting an idea into action to reporting on its success – all handled in-house without the complexities and costs of external suppliers.

Companies can also produce and send as many Digi-products brochures as they like, as often as they like for no extra cost.

Boyland concludes: “Digital marketing with Digi-products is so easy because what you see really is what you get.”

• For a demonstration of Digi-products in action, please call 0118 9841567 or email [email protected] More details are available at