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How environmental monitoring can improve mine-wide safety

Press release October 4, 2012 Science

With extensive experience in environmental monitoring, Trolex creates systems that help to improve tunnelling safety and optimise machine performance.

Investing in environmental monitoring can help to improve mine-wide safety and protect people, valuable plant and machinery. With an extensive range of control and display equipment, Trolex can provide innovative solutions to improve both mining safety and conditions.

As a result of its wealth of experience in environmental monitoring, Trolex sensors and systems stand at the forefront of safety technology. The independently accredited devices are used to detect gases, monitor the environment and optimise machine performance, offering a high level of efficiency and protection.

To create such advanced environmental monitoring systems, Trolex utilises a variety of sensing technologies. The hazardous area equipment can help to save lives, accurately detecting the level of flammable and toxic gases in mining environments. Due to the high level of safety provided, the systems have become a key aspect of refuge chamber monitoring, allowing miners to check conditions both inside the chamber, and the surrounding mine.

With a thorough understanding of safety critical industries, Trolex creates environment monitoring systems that offer a high level of stability and accuracy. The TX9165 Sentro 8 Sensorstation has an illuminated LCD readout and high-strength housing, measuring up to eight gases, covering all the gases which are often found in mines. The system can also incorporate methane detectors, a TX5922 air flow sensor, TX5633 vibration sensor and TX6114 pressure sensor, creating a monitoring system that offers superior performance and precision.

Trolex also creates bespoke monitoring systems, incorporating other devices to suit specific environmental and machinery conditions and requirements. These can include air flow, air temperature, dust and humidity sensing including control and display units, power supplies and alarm systems, ensuring that the right level of mining safety is met.

Throughout the design, installation and maintenance of its environmental monitoring systems, Trolex aims to improve tunnelling safety and conditions while also reducing running costs.