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Hotels To Offer Electric Cigarettes In Mini-Bar

Press release October 22, 2009 Tourism

With hotel rooms for smokers increasingly difficult to find, it may come as a surprise to learn that the latest mini-bar offering is… a cigarette.

But the SmokeStik Royale is no ordinary cigarette. It’s battery operated and offers smokers a nicotine hit without the nasty smoke or tar.

And best of all it isn’t restricted by the smoking ban – so it can be lit-up and enjoyed anywhere.

The SmokeStik Royale has been designed by former It Girl Lady Victoria Hervey and features her family crest. She came up with the idea after spotting increasing numbers of celebrities using SmokeStiks in Los Angeles where she now lives.

Now Lady Victoria is hoping to convince UK hotels to offer the SmokeStik to guests. Many US hotels already provide a SmokeStik as part of their mini bars and visitors have the option of taking one home with them when they checkout.

Lady Victoria said: “SmokeStiks are popular in US hotels and I’m sure they will be a big hit in the UK too.

“They can be placed in a mini bar and guests are only charged for any cartridges they use. When the guest checks out they have the option of purchasing the SmokeStik if they wish.

“Thousands of American smokers have thrown away their tobacco cigarettes after trying the SmokeStik in a hotel and I think it’ll help many British smokers to quit tobacco too.”

SmokeStiks are electronic cigarettes that utilise replaceable cartridges, costing substantially less than a pack of traditional cigarettes, and can be used anywhere – even on airplanes.

A smoker gets all the satisfaction of smoking, without any cancer causing agents, making them a much smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Their appeal has already won over many celebs with Hollywood A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio being spotted with a SmokeStik in hand, while cycling.

Lady Victoria added: "Like everyone I'm all too aware of the dangers of smoking. My father developed emphysema from smoking and passed away in his sixties. If this product helps anyone to quit tobacco I'll get great satisfaction from that.”

The product is available online at and Lady Victoria is currently in talks with a number of UK retailers to stock the product on shelves.

The team at US based Smokestik are clearly delighted at having Lady Victoria on board and have trademarked the phrase “Designed for Royalty” for her product.

A spokesman said: “Our mini-bar program is very popular with US hotels. We supply the hotel with a unit for every room, then they make it available for use free of charge, like a bathrobe. 

“The guest has to pay for the cartridges, which they get in the minibar, and when they checkout, they can take the SmokeStik with them, like a bathrobe, and it will be charged to their bill. 

“This has a very high success rate here in the US, and it is a no-risk venture for the hotel, because we put the product on commission - they only pay us when units sell.”

The company is so convinced their product has what it takes to banish tobacco it has also trademarked the phrase “The Future of Smoking.”

Any hotels interested in carrying the SmokeStik should get in touch with the company by emailing [email protected], or by calling 0808 120 1999.


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