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Hot Tub Sales Boom As Summer Arrives

Press release June 4, 2010 Homes & Gardens

Sales of hot tubs have soared over the past month as sun loving Brits aim to make the most of the good weather.

As temperatures steadily rise hundreds of Brits have decided to enjoy the weather in style by purchasing a hot tub.

With the World Cup on the horizon it’s also believed many have ordered a hot tub to boost their enjoyment of the tournament.

Hot tubs, once viewed as an expensive luxury have become increasingly affordable over the past few years, making them ideal for families and couples hoping to relax in style.

Daniel Thomas, owner of, the UK’s leading online hot tub and spa retailer, believes that with a sizzling summer predicted sales will boom for months to come.

Mr Thomas said: “Lots of people think a hot tub is out of their price range, however if they investigated further they’d see that they’re now cheaper than ever before.

“We’ve seen an increasing number of male customers over recent months with many saying they plan to use the hot tub in the garden to entertain guests during the World Cup.”

He added: “We all know how nerve wracking watching England can be and I can’t think of anything better than chilling out in the hot tub after a game.”

Sarah Whitmore, from Sheffield, is one of the Brits joining the hot tub craze.

She said: “I’d wanted a hot tub ever since I tried one on a spa day but I’d always thought they were far too expensive. When I searched online they were much cheaper than I expected and after discussing things with my husband we decided to order ours for the start of June.

“We’re having lots of friends round to watch the England games and I can’t wait to see their faces when I offer them a dip in the hot tub, it should make for some fantastic evenings.”

Mr Thomas believes hit TV shows Come Dine With Me and Big Brother have also played a part in the recent rise in hot tub sales.

He said: “The competitors on Come Dine With Me have become increasingly determined to wow their guests with many treating them to a dip in the hot tub and glass of champagne after the meal.

“Every year Big Brother’s hot tub gets loads of attention due to the housemate’s antics and this just shows how much fun you can have with a hot tub in your own garden.”

He added: “Just make sure to remember the sun cream.”

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