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HOT APPLE NEWS: MacBook Pro Repair in London - Seven Day Service

Press release June 18, 2010

The MacBook line-up of Apple portable computers are unique and sought after devices that are more and more popular with home and business users across the capital, London. Mac users prefer the portability and sleek design plus their robustness...

...however things can still go wrong and that's when expert advice and a professional MacBook repair service is necessary...

North London Mac Support offer such services to London MacBook and MacBook Pro users throughout Greater London and provide experienced and knowledgeable support for the range of Mac laptops and portable devices.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro line up of Apple laptops were originally introduced in 2006 and carried over their design from the Powerbook G4 however a polycarbonate model was also introduced which replaced the ageing iBook G4 range.

Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro have steady increased in sales and updated performance and design so these days more are in circulation and this range proves to be sought after and the preferred choice of home users and professional creatives all over the world.

The most recent redesign, the Unibody aluminium version is a high performance model - When first released, reviewers praised the quality of the screen and sturdy unibody build.

This year's New Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processor models, The 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro feature the fastest dual-core processors available, which boost performance up to 50 percent according to tests performed by Apple Inc.

North London Mac Support offer repair options and technical support across the range of Apple laptops and focus their vast expertise on the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Servicing these models requires a professional who has the know-how and skill to repair effectively and using genuine Apple parts.

Damage caused by accident or spillage is ever increasing as more people become MacBook users with each new release of the model. Only a professional MacBook Repair expert can provide the troubleshooting and diagnostic skills required to fix or repair such problems efficiently and for the long-term. NLMS are experts in this field and meet the demands to resolve issue related to damage and liquid spills.

NLMS (North London Mac Support) are a London based Apple computer services and Mac support company with skilled Apple support engineers who can take care of your business or home Apple Mac computer as well as provide you with knowledgeable support. NLMS (North London Mac Support) in hardware and software repair, upgrade, faultfinding, troubleshooting and more… NLMS (North London Mac Support) is the ideal IT partner for any small or medium London-based business looking for quality Mac support services and peace of mind.

Through our utmost respect for clients we aim to be the premier Apple Mac repair and support company in Greater London and the South East of England. Offering the highest level of customer service, Mac-specific technical expertise and our profound sense of loyalty to London's Mac Users.

Amongst the range of MacBook Pro problems commonly repaired are:

MacBook Pro Repair Services:

   •    Cracked LCD or LED Screen
   •    Replacement Backlight
   •    Replacement Keyboard
   •    Replacement Keys
   •    Dim LCD or LED Display
   •    Power socket - I/O Board Issues
   •    Replacement Hard Disk Drive
   •    Replacement Logic Board
   •    Internet - Connectivity Issues
   •    None Booting - Not Starting Up
   •    Kernel Panic
   •    Liquid Damage
   •    Accident Damage
   •    Freezing or Not Responding
   •    Over Heating - Sudden Shutdown
   •    SuperDrive Repair/Replace
   •    Memory Upgrades
   •    Hard Drive Upgrades
   •    Operating System Upgrades
   •    LCD and LED Video Display Issues
   •    Video Flex Cable Replacement
   •    Inverter Replacement
   •    Replacement Case
   •    Replacement Topcase
   •    Replacement DC Socket / Board
   •    Mac Data Recovery and Backup Solutions

NLMS also offer advanced techniques in Apple Mac Computer Data recovery for the home Mac user or small business - USB Memory Stick, Apple Hard Disk Drive, SD cards and more.