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Honeymoon Destinations and How to Budget

Press release January 4, 2013 Lifestyle

Save Money Booking Your Honeymoon

Aside from the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon is usually one of the most anticipated and exciting parts of getting married for most couples.

The majority of couples to be wed will spend a lot of time talking about their preferred honeymoon destination and exactly what they want to get from their first trip away as bride and groom.

First, you will have to set out what you want to achieve from your honeymoon. Do you want it to be a romantic countryside getaway, a relaxing beach holiday, a cultural city experience or an activity-packed adventure?

Some of the favourite 2012 honeymoon destinations were:

  • The Caribbean
  • Hawaii
  • Dubai
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Italy
  • Thailand
  • East or South Africa

There are some incredible countries around the world that would provide the most incredible setting for a honeymoon, but there isn’t always the need to take a long-haul flight to the other side of the world. Britain and other European countries have some of the most beautiful and wondrous sights in the world, such as the Northern Lights, dozens and dozens of astonishing mountain ranges and thousands of miles of untouched natural splendours such as forests, lakes and beaches.

Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Compromise might have to be the aim of the game if you both have a different idea of what is perfect, but if you have the same ideal destination then make sure that you focus on budgeting to make it your ultimate honeymoon dream.

Save Money Booking Your Honeymoon

If you’re well organised, then chances are you will already know where you are going to go. Early bookings, and especially early bookings online, have the potential to save you a lot of money, so if you have the spare funds available you might want to book as early as possible to take advantage of some early bird offers.

Instead, you might want to book directly with a travel agent, as they can sometimes be cheaper because they sometimes have very specific and special deals. If you find that you’ve exhausted every available avenue in the search for a cheap deal and you’re out of ideas, it might be a good idea to call hotels directly and explain that you’re looking to book a cheaper hotel room for your honeymoon. This could lead to some very impressive freebies, such as a room upgrade, champagne or dinner!

Before you book, take a look at any “reward” schemes you might be entitled to with your credit or loyalty cards such as Tesco, American Express or Virgin. This could lead to cheaper or free travel or hotels. If you don’t have any offers available but still want to go to a really nice destination, or have a bit extra spending money, book with a no-frills, budget travel line. You will be going to the same destination, just with some extra cash.

If you want to have some extra spending money you can play really cleverly and travel to somewhere with a weaker currency, but which still offers you everything you want. Places like Mexico and South Africa are very popular destinations and you can get 20 Pesos to the pound in Mexico and 14 Rand to the pound in South Africa!

All-Inclusive bookings tend to be cheaper in the long run as you don’t necessarily have to pay for any drinks or meals during your time at the resort.

Still got your dream destination in mind but just physically can’t get the money together, regardless of every discount under the sun? Look no further than your wedding guests. You can specifically ask for honeymoon contributions from your guests, or you can make their contribution more fun by having them sponsor a particular activity on your getaway with services such as HoneyLuna.

It is always best to properly budget for your honeymoon; setting aside money every month to ensure you will get enough funds to pay for it yourself, instead of relying on others. You might want to think about having a budget wedding, stag and hen do in order to save up for the honeymoon, but that is a very big and personal decision to make as the ceremony and reception is supposed to be the biggest part of any wedding!