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Home trends: In the Living room

Press release June 8, 2012 Homes & Gardens

What You Can Do to Improve Your Living Room

Living rooms are the perfect place to relax after a hard day in the office or being out of the house all day. For many people this space is their comfort zone; a haven to sit down, close the door and relax. Utilising this space to it’s full potential can be a difficult task. Trying to integrate comfort and design can pose a problem but the end result, if you get it right could be amazing.

A great tip is to create a theme to a room and stick to it, a mix match of different ideas can make a room look disorientated and cluttered. If you want your room to look elegant then some traditional pieces would be appropriate, however, if you are going for the more modern look then some stylish contemporary pieces would fit great.


One of the hottest trends right now is the colour grey; which is a great backdrop to make a room feel warm and rich without being in your face. Having a grey sofa as the main focal point in your room allows you to generate colour and style with fun, bright cushions and pillows. Use the grey sofa as your blank canvas and dress it up to give the room an injection of colour.


By adding drama and interest to a room, you are creating a great focal point and making a statement. Some of the most effective ways to incorporate drama to your room is to create a signature wall; achievable by integrating wallpaper with bold patterns and designs or a bold paint. Try looking at designer wallpaper to add that extra special class to your home. An alternative to the signature wall is to utilise the space above a sofa with a large piece of art. Art work makes a statement and can be easily changed whenever you feel like sprucing up your living room. If the sofa is the centre piece of the room then placing a picture above it frames the sofa perfectly.


Coffee tables are a vital part of any living room and great for socialising around or holding decorative accessories. They are certainly not just another piece of furniture. When buying a Coffee table, you should aim to buy one what will fill that space in the middle of the room. Bear in mind that the coffee table needs to be placed 18inches away from a sofa, so allow for this extra room. The coffee table should be this distance from a sofa as this is the perfect distance for placing a cup, plate of food or the book you are reading, whilst remaining seated on the sofa. Remember to think practical when measuring up for your perfect coffee table, you want one large enough to fill the space, but you also need to have enough space to manoeuvre around easily.  

Different shades and tones

When using grey as a colour pallet for your home, don’t be afraid to use different shades to create different moods and themes. If you have a dark grey sofa then it doesn’t have to match the other chair in the room, a different colour and tone will give a homely and quirky feel to the room while still incorporating that modern feel. 


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