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Home trends – In the Bathroom

Press release July 6, 2012 Homes & Gardens

How to make the most of your bathroom.

People value their bathroom as a place of relaxation; a clean and tranquil space to unwind. However getting the desired look can be hard and costly, however with the right know how and a few small touches, you can transform that bland white suite into a bathroom fit for a hotel.

If you are planning a full bathroom renovation then there is so much you can do at a fraction of the cost you may think. Take for example if you buy a plain bathroom suite you can dress it up with accessories, giving the impression of a far more expensive bathroom suite.

Here is a guide on how to make your bathroom stand out for all the right reasons:


Bathrooms are moist and warm environments, meaning it’s essential to have flooring that is both practical and stylish. Many of the usual flooring options cannot cope with the everyday life of a bathroom, these floors include solid wood, carpet and laminate. The problems these flooring types face are that they can retain water, shrink and bubble.

Instead, opt for one of the many durable materials that are water-resistant and easy to maintain. These surfaces include:

  • Stone flooring – this type of flooring comes in a variety of styles to suit any budget. Waterproof, durable and stylish this type of flooring will last for years to come. Keep in mind that some types may be porous and may need sealing.
  • Porcelain and ceramic – this type of flooring is similar to stone without the natural imperfections and high price tag. The positives about this flooring are that it is very hard-wearing, suitable with under floor heating and is very hygienic.
  • Wood – you may think that wood flooring would be unsuitable in a bathroom, but that is real wood flooring, engineered wood flooring has a hardened top layer making it durable and suitable for a bathroom. This flooring is also viable with under-floor heating, but double check this first when making a purchase.    
  • Rubber tiles – this type of flooring is probably the best for a bathroom, it is soft, easy to clean, no-slip, waterproof and very hard wearing. Choose from sheet or tiles in smooth or studded finishes, and there are a huge range of colours available.
  • Vinyl tiles – this type of flooring must be laid on a completely flat surface. It comes in a variety of finishes and can be both tiles and sheets. Like the others it is hygienic and waterproof.

Try to keep as much water off the floor as possible, and clean it regularly. This will ensure the floor last as long as possible.

You can lay the floor by yourself if you wish; however, this can be time consuming and is a trial and error process. It is advisable to get a specialist in to do the job correctly, as this can also prolong the life of it.


Bathroom walls can be covered in many ways, the best is usually obvious with the style of bathroom you are going with or already have. If you have a modern bathroom then tiles of a material similar to the flooring may be suitable. For a traditional bathroom, wood panelling half way up the wall will give the room that rustic effect, often called wainscoting. Country bathrooms also look great with wood panelling; however, there are traditional tiles out there to fit the criteria.

If walls are not covered with panelling or tiles they can be painted or wallpapered. Choosing the right paint or wallpaper is key to an easy to maintain bathroom. You can’t just use any paint in your bathroom though, as paint in an area of high moisture can form mould and start to peal or blister, the same applies to wallpaper.


Painting your bathroom is a great way to quickly update the room; it is also an opportunity to experiment with colours. People may think blue is the obvious colour but it’s become a bit cliché, using green in the bathroom has become very popular in current trends and can work in any type of bathroom, modern, traditional and country. When I say green I don’t mean bright, neon green, I am referring to a calm and relaxing natural green. A great example is Willow green, this colour, by Johnstones is an anti-mould acrylic, which is perfect for bathroom areas. Any paint used in a bathroom should be a hygiene coating, as this will prevent mould and fungus growing.


When using wallpaper in a bathroom you cannot just use any type of paper, the paper needs to be water resistant. For a full range of wallpaper designed to cope with the needs of a bathrooms visit Fashion Wallpaper’s bathroom wallpaper section, where there is sure to be something to suit your taste. 


You may want to devote a full wall to a mirror, this works well if you have a wainscoting around the room as the mirror will sit on top of it. Mirrors can be costly so make sure your room really needs a full wall mirror, otherwise a standard mirror above the hand basin or on a cabinet will suffice.

The suite

With a bathroom suite, people usually get confused. They think that you have to pay £1000’s to get the best finish possible, this is where they are wrong. Bathroom suites are available from £160 and are practically the same as the expensive ones. If you really want top end finishes then you may want to go for a suite that has a square theme to it or the toilet and sink are floating, however these types of suites can cost much more. You can achieve the high end look at a fraction of the price.


Although you may have bought a “cheap suite” it’s the dressing of it that matters. The taps are the thing you often first notice, and here is where you should spend some money. Even if you have an old suite, new taps can be very aesthetically pleasing, even making people think you have a new suite. It may be worth you spending around £70 on a good quality tap.


Dressing your bathroom can make or break it, follow a colour scheme. So if you have painted the room green then white or cream towels will suit perfectly, you can even find another shade of green that matches or compliments the wall colour.


Having suitable storage in a bathroom will keep it clutter free. You don’t want all the shower gels, shampoos, shavers and cleaning products on show so hide them away in a cabinet. Try and implement a cabinet with a mirror on the front of it, as this will bounce light around in the room, giving the sense of space. 


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