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Holistic Cybertreatments - welcome to the future

Press release December 6, 2007 Health

click the mouse and receive a holistic treatment on the spot

Devizes, United Kingdom

At you can book your Holistic Cybertreatment to release stress and tension and receive new energies and resources. Right on the spot, whenever you need it and wherever you are, at your office desk in London, New York or Tokyo or at home in your country house. Pema P Gericke, a highly qualified practicing Energy Healer, gives these 30 minutes deeply effective and powerful treatments from a distance.

All you need is internet access, all you do is click the mouse to order your treatment at Register once, type your requested date and time (GMT) for the treatment and confirm with a click. At the booked time you just sit or lay comfortably and feel how your body and mind relaxes and regains energy. This can be your special quality time at lunch break, after an exhausting day or between demanding business meetings.

Pema P Gericke: "During the treatment I see and feel your energy field with all the tension and stress. I clean the energy field, re-establish and strengthen its vital flow, and in turn ground the field so that any new tensions can more easily flow away. If this sounds alien to you, compare it with a spring clean at home, only in this case you sit in a chair, relax completely and feel how I hoover you through from top to bottom. After this treatment you feel refreshed and energised."

A cybertreatment gift voucher makes a very unique present for Christmas, a birthday or as a big thank you for your employee(s) or colleague(s). Ideal for last minute presents: the gift voucher named for the recipient will be emailed to you immediately.

Next time you feel exhausted, stressed or tense either you take a week off and pamper yourself or you click for your cybertreatment at

Pema P Gericke works as an Energy Healer in United Kingdom. She helps clients with physical or emotional problems. In her seminars she guides students into silence and healing processes. Pema has been trained since 2003 at the Spiritual Healing InstitutĀ® in Munich and is a certified OLHT Healing HandsĀ® Teacher. Knowing the stress and pressure in the business world personally she offers the Cybertreatments to give new resources and relaxing time directly on the spot without the need of travelling or waiting.

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