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Holiday Home Vs Hotel – Which to Choose in Cornwall

Press release January 25, 2013 Tourism

Which to Choose in Cornwall

Due to on-going economic uncertainty, a new-found love for Blighty or perhaps any combination of the two, more UK residents than ever before are looking to holiday domestically in 2013. In fact, hundreds of thousands have already made the decision to shelve their foreign jaunts for another year and instead check out what’s on offer on their very own land mass. As such, Devon and Cornwall will be in for an enormous influx of visitors this coming year, putting a strain on accommodation options like never before.

So, with so many already planning their Short breaks to Cornwall for most peak seasons of next year, how does staying in a holiday home compare with a standard hotel? A question so many families could benefit from asking, considering the way the two stack up when compared like for like.


First and foremost comes the most important part of booking – whether or not the place is actually available. Generally speaking, most UK travellers will immediately and instinctively look to hotels and guest houses for their accommodation needs, which in turn means that holiday homes come further down the line. The result is a situation where holiday homes are almost guaranteed to offer greater availability and flexibility, even for those looking to book in a somewhat last-minute capacity.


Next in the list comes the list of amenities to expect and while a hotel room or B&B may indeed be able to tick all primary boxes, a holiday home offers so much more. These are in every way home from home environments and therefore can be counted on to cover all bases and more. From fully fitted and equipped kitchens to large family living areas and all else besides, there is no level of comfort like that at home and therefore the holiday home comes out on top.

Family Friendliness

A hotel room is never more than a room, but the holiday homes offered by Crylla Cottages for example have won multiple awards for being family friendly on an all-new 21st century level. From amenities and entertainment in the house itself to on-site minders and recreation options for kids of all ages, these are far more than rooms alone.


Who would ever like to think of their holiday being spent a few inches through a paper-thin wall form a noisy, rowdy and generally distasteful party in the neighbouring hotel room? Book a holiday cottage and that is exactly what you get – a full cottage, all of your own with all the peace, quiet and relaxation you could ever want.


Last but not least, chances are that for any family with children or indeed any group of any size intending to travel, a luxurious and 100% private holiday home will come out massively cheaper than the equivalent hotel or guest-house accommodation. On a per-head basis, the holiday home option has the potential to lead to enormous savings which can then be reinvested in the holiday as a whole in order to help get the very most out of the trip. Check out for more inspiration.