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Historic Paddle Steamer Lincoln Castle - Castoff

Press release July 6, 2010 Lifestyle

Passion rides high during demolition.

Lincoln Castle salvage crew

The historic Paddle Steamer Lincoln Castle has raised local passion in Grimsby this past week when demolition contractors where engaged by the owner to commence dismantling the ship.

It would appear last ditch attempts to save the ship are failing and heartfelt appeals from The Paddle Steamers Preservation Society and the public to stop the demolition are close to being scuppered.

The local council NELC demanded a bond of £60,000.00 be placed with them to keep this famous Grimsby landmark on the banks. Along with huge refurbishment costs it seems the end for this once popular vessel is nigh.

'Council leader Andrew de Freitas said the council was powerless to intervene. He said: "We don't own the vessel and we have no rights to stop the owner.”

All was not quite lost however when at the eleventh hour the auction web site volunteered their Castoff salvage crew to save some relics and mementoes from the scrapheap.

The salvage crew armed only with screwdrivers and a keen eye managed to just beat the falling sledgehammers turning up an array of interesting and collectable items from vinegar bottles to a ship’s wheel!

Dave Balcon The Sales director of commented “ If we can salvage anything at all and give it back to the local community through our auction medium then at least we’ve done something to help” “Our salvage team is here to help save and preserve a piece of local history”

The items have been put up for auction to all visitors on the aptly named auction site