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Hiring change practitioners can increase organizational change capability study found

Press release October 31, 2018 Change management

Landmark study found that having more change managers in the organization leads to improved change maturity scores to some extent, and outlined other ways to improve maturity

A study released by change analytics tool provider The Change Compass found that organizations with more change managers tends to have more mature change management practices.  However, this was only to a certain extent.  The study offered recommendations on improving the maturity of change practices.

Most organizations undergoing change tends to focus on landing individual initiatives. With constant changes it is also important for organizations to focus on developing an overall change capability. One of the ways to so this is to hire change managers.

Euan Wu, Director of The Change Compass commented that “Most change managers are hired to focus on a particular project.  However, for larger organizations undergoing significant change, it is important to leverage change managers strategically to focus on building change capability across the organization”.

The benchmarking report surveyed a sample of organizations around the world on their change practices.  There were four change maturity categories surveyed including change analytics, business change capability, change portfolio management and project delivery. 

Those with higher numbers of change practitioners were shown to have higher change maturity results across the four categories to some extent.  As most change managers are hired to work on a specific project there is not a linear relationship of more change managers meaning better change capability.

The opportunity for organizations is to focus on building change capability in each of the four categories.  To do this, change managers may be leveraged to build the capability over time as they are implementing change initiatives.  The report outlined ways in which to develop these capabilities.

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The Change Compass helps organizations undergoing multiple changes create one integrated view of change impacts. With this, organizations can make real time, fact-based decisions to maximize the success of change initiatives.  It is a digital, cloud-based tool and also a set of best practices in managing a portfolio of changes through data.


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