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Hiring a Private Detective To Trace Hidden Assets

Press release February 13, 2013 Family

Divorce is a difficult time especially when you suspect your husband/wife is not disclosing hidden assets, hiring a private detective could be the solution.

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It is a difficult time for anyone who is going through a divorce and it can only add to the stress, when there is suspicion that your spouse is hiding assets.  Trying to prove these hidden assets can be quite difficult however, more people are turning to a Private Detective can make it much easier.

Avoiding high tax payments is usually the original reason for hiding assets; today there are many means of doing so, property and offshore accounts being the most popular. 

It is becoming more known in divorce cases that finances are not being disclosed and are out of reach of the husband/wife.  These assets are legal to the tax man however; in divorce proceedings it is a legal requirement that both parties reveal these finances.  A professional private detective team will have the skills and proven experience to help you expose any assets that may be hidden to the courts. 

A private detective will have the ability to carry out searches worldwide and throughout the UK to reveal where assets are being hidden.  A well established agency will be able to reveal property that is hidden, bank accounts, hidden bank accounts etc.  The Private Detective will provide reporting and documentation that is suitable for the courts or work alongside your solicitor to prepare the correct evidence.

Hiring a private detective to reveal a husbands/wife’s hidden assets can be a really sound investment into your future finances.

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