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HETAS Approved? What HETAS Means for Consumers

Press release July 16, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Things you should know before buying a wood burning stove.

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Wood burning stoves are becoming more popular all the time. However it pays to ensure you hire a competent person to install yours for you if you are thinking of transforming your home with one.

To this end you need to ensure the person or company you choose is HETAS registered. This is an important factor and it will provide peace of mind for you as a consumer. When you hire a HETAS approved installer to fit your wood burning stove for you, you will know they have been fully trained and assessed to be capable of safely installing such an appliance.

What is HETAS?

HETAS stands for Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme. They are an official body and the government has approved them to register competent installers and businesses in this field.

Indeed it is the only organisation of its kind in this area, meaning this is the best way to find an approved installer or retailer. Manorhouse Fireplaces is now a HETAS registered and approved retailer and we only use HETAS registered installers to complete installations for our customers.

What does HETAS mean for businesses and consumers?

HETAS installers point to peace of mind for consumers. In the past if you wanted to get a wood burning stove installed you would have to choose one of many installers to tackle it for you. However you would not have known whether they were fully competent or not due to the lack of a benchmark to compare them against.

HETAS is that benchmark. HETAS installers can be identified through proper use of the three ticks that appear above the HETAS name. If you see this logo you will know the installer you have found is fully competent and able to carry out the installation to the highest of standards. Indeed if you find an installer who is not registered or approved in this way, you know it is time to keep looking for one who is.

This is an indication of how important it is for businesses to become registered through HETAS as well. If you are an installer of wood burning stoves or similar appliances it is imperative that you are registered and approved as quickly as possible. As more consumers find out about the HETAS scheme they will realise the importance of finding someone who is registered in this way. They will start to avoid those businesses that are not registered. Even if your business is completely legitimate and professional in nature, people will wonder why you are not part of this government recognised scheme.

Thus if you register for HETAS and you successfully complete the training course, you will be able to promote your approved retailer status to your potential customers. This will have the effect of bringing in more business, so it is a win-win situation for you. It could be the best thing you have ever done – and your customers will thank you for the peace of mind it gives them too.

by Manorhouse Fireplaces - A Hetas registered and approved retailer.

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