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Here’s why you could be paying over £20,000 a year to live in a nursing home when, by law, the NHS should be doing so for FREE!

Press release August 25, 2009 Medical

It is well known that many people have had to sell their homes in order to pay for the cost of their care in a nursing home and unfortunately, but perhaps not unsurprisingly, it would seem that at least a proportion should not have had to do so!

Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, UK, 25th August 2009 - There are 100s of thousands of nursing home residents in the UK. There is a good chance that some of these will be paying for the cost of their care when they should not have to. “The process for deciding who should pay for somebody’s care is more complicated than you might think” says Hampshire born health and social care veteran George Baker, “and” he adds “the inbuilt subjectivity of the assessments means things can get misinterpreted, or even overlooked, leading to an assessment that is not representative of reality”.  The question is: how many people are paying for their care when they shouldn’t be?

“It may be that there are not very many, but it is also just as likely that a large number of people are affected” George says. “We already know it has happened to a least one person, living in Shropshire, and a wrong decision cost their family tens of thousands of pounds.” George continues. “In principal, I am not against asking people, who can afford it, to pay towards some of the cost of their care. However, in circumstances where people have what is called ‘a primary health need’ they are entitled to ‘NHS Continuing Healthcare’ which should, at the very least, fund the nursing component of their care.”

George asserts that the issue most likely to cause a problem is the decision as to whether or not someone is entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare. He argues that “Whilst the criteria one needs to meet in order to qualify for it are not subjective in themselves, for example, you can either breathe on your own or you can’t, an assessors subjective opinion is bound to have an impact on the outcome as they tend to only have limited contact with the individuals concerned.”

Before you pick up the phone and arrange an interview with George, here’s what he will reveal to your audience:

  • The simple reason why it is possible for you to be paying for care when you shouldn’t have to (it’s not what you think).
  • The one and onlyway to get all the funding for health and social care you are entitled to. And finally...
  • The 3 simple steps involved in making this happen.

To help get unpaid carers and the person they care for the help they need, George Baker, a 19 year old university student from Hampshire, has written the comprehensive, insider’s guide to the UK’s Health and Social Care System. Entitled ‘The Complete Insider’s Guide to British Health and Social Care: How To Secure the Perfect Care Package!’, this unique book explains, from start to finish, the process of obtaining the help ill and vulnerable people are entitled to receive, something which has NEVER been done before. George was recently interviewed on a BBC radio station about his book and experiences getting care. He is available for interview, articles and the right speaking engagements and can be contacted at [email protected] or on 02380 906140. A copy of the book is available for review on request.