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Here Goes Everything

Press release November 7, 2008 Music

The UK's hottest young band are set to hit London next week for an intimate gig, after gaining popularity among thousands of music fans online.

Here Goes Everythingare a five-piece rock band from Berkshire, England UK. Over the last few weeks, they have gained huge popularity among internet-savvy music fans, as their Myspace and Youtube videos recieved thousands of views, leading to thousands of "fan requests" on their Myspace profile. And they haven't even recorded a demo.

Mobile-phone videos of the band playing acoustic songs and rehearsing a new set for upcoming tours, have found their way on to computer screens all over the world, and now the band are taking the next step and playing an intimate "show" at London's legendary The Comedy, Soho on Monday 10th November. It's the first time their newest material has seen the light of day, so all that remains is to see whether or not the popularity picked up by huge websites such as Wikipedia, Myspace, Youtube, and Facebook translates into the real world of live rock music.

The band's name says it all; in all this misery and gloom, Here Goes Everything is something we should all be genuinly excited about.