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Help to stop smoking with the Electronic Cigarette

Press release May 9, 2011 Health

The Electronic Cigarette has proven to be very popular as an aid to helping people stop smoking; this clever device looks like a cigarette and gives into the cravings without inhaling the damaging toxins.

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Since The E Cigarette company launched their new website in March 2011 along with some great PR; tobacco smokers have been flocking to the site to try out the new revolution 'in the alternative option to smoking'

'Vaping'as it is often referred to has had a huge amount of press coverage due to the fact that you can smoke the E Cigarette in most public places as it has no damaging toxins.  The Electronic Cigarette allows you to smoke without smoking and people who have tried and tested this electronic device have dramatically cut down on smoking; some have even completely quit!

So the question is - 'How does the Electronic Cigarette work?'

The Electronic Cigarettelooks and feels like a cigarette.  Nicotine is contained in the cartridges, rather than breathing in toxic smoke; you inhale vaporized nicotine which, gives you the healthier option to smoking tobacco.  There is no secondary harmful toxins hence allows smokers to use them in public places. 

Smoking Cigarettes is a very expensive habit and this is another popular reason for people choosing 'vaping' over smoking tobacco cigarettes.  A 20 cigarettes a day smoker can save £2,012 a year!

If you want to try out the E Cigarette visit