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Heat Has Become Designer

Press release February 19, 2013 Homes & Gardens

Radiators have taken on a whole new look; they are now readily available in modern and contemporary styles.

Glass radiator

Many years ago your heat source was a plain white radiator; today radiators have had a radical makeover and are now available in all different styles, materials and colours.  

Radiators are readily available in all different modern designs, styles and materials.  Just because the radiator now looks more exciting, it doesn't mean that you lose any of it's practicality; the modern radiator has been made to be more energy efficient than the traditional radiator; making them even more appealing.  

Even the smallest room can showcase a designer radiator,as they are available in all different sizes and shapes.  The bold colours, the imaginative designs and different materials really do make them a piece of art. Who would have thought that you would ever be able to buy a stone radiator, glass radiator or a coloured radiator to match your decor! 

Designers have used their wildest imagination to create these magnificently designed radiators. These designers have got hold of the basic white radiator and taken it to a completely different level in interior design. 

Visit Designer Warmth Radiators or Cosy Rooms Ltd to see all the different designs of radiators available.



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