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Heart related problems to become a cause of erectile dysfunction issues in men

Press release November 21, 2014 Kamagra 100mg Buy kamagra online Kamagra, kamagra oral jelly Buy kamagra 100mg online Mens healthcare Kamagra

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The heart related worries may cause effects on a man’s sexual life. Researchers from their analysis have found that men who are experiencing certain kinds of heart related issues or conditions are prone to likely develop the case of ED / Erectile Dysfunction than those men who are not experiencing the early case of vascular problems.
ED or Erectile Dysfunction and the case of cardiovascular disease do involve a common level of co-existence, according to David Feldman who is the lead author from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. As per David, the case of erectile functioning can actually involve itself as a window to the men’s issue of overall health and cardiovascular cases. Researchers made an analysis from the study which they conducted on the 1862 men who were without any heart issues and also made assessment of the relationship between the early case of atherosclerotic plaque growth and the arterial stiffness and the case of dysfunction with their reporting (self) of ED / Erectile Dysfunction.
Post making consideration of the race, gender, age and the traditional case of risk factors that involves diabetes, high level of cholesterol, smoking and the obesity issue, the men with such abnormalities of a case of both atherosclerosis, when the plaque actually builds up internally of the arteries, also with the arterial stiffness and the dysfunction were about 53 % more chance of providing a self report on the ED / Erectile Dysfunction issue.
To provide timely improvement of the long term ED and actively cause reduction of the risk in worsening the cardiovascular case of health, men who are at the risk of these sessions should actively follow a healthy diet for better functioning of the heart, involve in timely engagement of the proper exercise / physical activities and in priority, avoiding of smoking, as per David.
In case of sexual issues, there might be cases where the individual has a broken heart, on a factual note. In several cases of unfit levels, the primary case faced by men is the ED / Erectile Dysfunction. It is understood that around 30 million men get affected by Erectile Dysfunction in United States and medical analysis states that to the surprise of individuals, the ED issue can be a big sign of heart related problems. And hence the individual is required to make timely discussion with the doctor about the sexual case health. Men are prescribed various erection enhancing medicines or medications that can improve the sexual functioning process and together one can easily cause timely prevention of may be certain major kinds of heart related problems, heart attack as one of the example. Chest pain is also a sign of health conditions among the medical issue apart from the heart attack cases. In today’s period of time, men are medically associated to various kinds of stress issues, intake of junk foods, chest pain, etc and have the role of ignoring them in many cases. These cases are to be understood and needs timely prevention factor where they can actively prevent and inhibit the case of heart complications in future.


Kamagra 100mg Buy kamagra online Kamagra, kamagra oral jelly Buy kamagra 100mg online Mens healthcare Kamagra