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Harveys help Land of Leather customers

Press release January 27, 2009 Economy

Land of Leather customers can claim a substantial discount on their new purchase with Harveys, the furniture store.

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By now Land of Leather customers will be aware that the leather sofa store has unfortunately gone in to administration.  What they may not know though is that Harveys, the furniture specialist with over 30 years furniture expertise and 150 stores nationwide will help by compensating Land of Leather customers for their loss.

5 reasons to have confidence in Harveys

  • § Harveys are financially strong being part of one of the top global furniture groups
  • § Harveys has over 30 years of furniture expertise
  • § Harveys is the UK's largest furniture specialist with over 150 stores nationwide
  • § Harveys are the proud sponsor of Coronation Street
  • § Harveys are here to stay

How Harveys will help

By compensating Land of Leather customers for any loss they have incurred with the demise of Land of Leather. All customers need to do is take their original invoice along to their nearest Harveys store and Harveys will do the rest.
This is in addition to Harveys fantastic sale prices and express delivery ranges (see images below).

Details of compensation package

Harveys are offering this compensation package for a limited 2 week period.  Customers will receive a discount of up to 20% off their new order with Harveys, depending on how much they spend on their new order with Harveys.

How to find the nearest Harveys store to claim compensation

Visit or call 08448 472626