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Harmful Toxins and Chemicals in Non-Organic Linen

Press release January 9, 2013 Business

By Nature Warns of Growing Report of Miss-sold Products

By Nature has this week issued a stark warning to UK consumers purchasing Organic Bedding and linen – beware of who you are buying it from. Over recent months, reports of non-organic products being deliberately miss-sold have exploded in both abundance and severity – the Christmas period is only likely to bring even more.

According to By Nature, the ability to add a simple “Organic” badge and subsequently drive up the price is proving all-too tempting for dozens of retailer. As such, the products thousands of UK shoppers are taking home are not only far from organic, but may be loaded with the kinds of chemicals and toxic treatment agents they are trying their best to avoid.

What’s In a Name?

Contrary to popular belief, organic bedding and bed linen is not simply that which has been sourced from natural origins. No – in order for any bedding or textiles to be genuinely organic, they must have been produced from beginning to end without the use of a single non-organic treatment, processing agent, die or process of any kind.

What seems to be happening today is a growing habit of sourcing natural textiles as cheaply as possible that have been doused with all manner of chemicals and toxins, only to be fitted with an “Organic” badge in order to ramp up the selling-price.

Hazardous to Health

The problem here is that not only are buyers being misled, but in some instances their very health and safety may be at risk. Thousands across the UK buy Organic Bed Linen for its naturally hypoallergenic properties and gentleness – something that is removed in an instant the first time a lesser products is drenched with harmful substances.

And of course, it can be next to impossible to tell be sight alone which articles are organic and which are nothing of the sort, which in turn leaves buyers wide-open to exploitation.

This is precisely why By Natureis urging renewed vigilance, by way of only ever buying organic bedding and linen from reputable, established and accredited merchants known to deliver on their promises. Contact By Naturetoday for further details on the risks and prevention of being misled by fraudulent providers

About by Nature:

Founded by Annabelle and Graham Randles in 2005, By Nature is a purveyor of exclusive, 100% organic and ethically sourced bedding and products for modern Britain. The philosophy of the business is that style, quality and affordability need not be compromised in order to maintain ethics – a total package of which is promised across the entire product range. See for further details.