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Handing Over The Reins With Firebrand Social Media

Press release January 17, 2013 PR

One Less Thing To Worry About For SME’s

As many businesses worldwide are beginning to realise, Social Marketing and Social Media Management are becoming areas of business life that need to be taken seriously if any business is going to thrive in these days of heightened competition.

However many businesses can find talking these new aspects confusing, and even mindboggling, not to mention a huge drain on time. In other words social media and social media management can be nothing short of a headache and at worse a nightmare.

But that’s where Firebrand Social Media step in with their social media management in ct.

“We offer a full social media management service,” says Cynthia Cavoto, Head of Firebrand, “that gives businessesone less thing to worry about. Handing over the reins of their social network marketing to our team means they get to reap the rewards of this marketing phenomenon without experiencing any of the hard work of set up or management.”

One would have to be a total hermit not to know that social media has exploded into our personal lives and is now creating a stir in the marketing world, and that established and emerging companies, large and small, can now tap into the power of social network marketing in order to build their brand and reach out to new customers. 

“The keyto social networking success,” says Cynthia,“is to formulate a robust social media plan.  Then and only then can you create direct dialogue, fresh content, and engaging information that will build relationships with existing and potential customers and give them a reason to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ what you have to say.”

Managing social network marketing can be time-consuming and expensive if not handled correctly. 

“At Firebrand Social Media,” explains Cynthia,“we specialize in helping small Connecticut companies to build and grow their online presence and reach out to customers using social media. We get started by learning their business goals and what they hope to achieve by using social media marketing. We can then get to work on designing a social media plan that takes into account any time and resource constraints they may have, their budget, their target audience and any other factors that are relevant to the success of their social media marketing campaign.”

Firebrand Social Media offer a full social marketing strategy that gives businessesone less thing to worry about.

“Handing over the reins of their social network marketing to our team means people get to reap the rewards of this marketing phenomenon without experiencing any of the hard work of set up or management.”

What Do Firebrand Social Media Offer?

  • Blog setup & Blog maintenance
  • Facebook & LinkedIn setup
  • LinkedIn setup & LinkedIn management
  • Twitter setup & Twitter management
  • Social community maintenance to targeted sites
  • Online marketing research and strategy on social media communities that best suit your product/service
  • Copywriting & posting of articles/topics in social media communities
  • Onsite social media training in Connecticut
  • Newsletter creation and email marketing service

They have four social management packages available:

Entry level Kindler Package – Ideal for start-ups and small businesses on a modest budget.

Intermediate Stoker Package – Ideal for businesses that want an active social media presence.

The premium Bonfire Package – The full Social Media Marketing solution for business.

Custom package from their A La Carte Menu of Social Media activities; ideal for those who know what they want!

About Firebrand Social Media:

Our mission is to make social media marketing practical and accessible to businesses, taking into consideration each client’s specific goals and needs. We can handle all the planning and nuances of using these evolving channels to help increase your business.

We operate for businesses in the following Connecticut districts: Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, Stratford, Bridgeport, Southport, and Fairfield County.