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Handbag Millionaire

Press release October 8, 2009 Fashion

Victoria Beckham loves designer handbags so much she has managed to collect £1.5m worth! Now a handbag retailer is asking UK women: “How much are your old handbags worth?”

Online retailer Bagnificent specialize in selling fashion and designer bags at unbeatable prices. 

But the site is also an online market place for women wishing to upgrade their handbags by swapping their old bags for something different.

Bagnificent’s Loved range offers pre-owned designer and fashion handbags with the site selling pre-owned bags on behalf of their owners for a cut of the profits.

Recent report’s of Victoria’s £1.5m handbag collection, which includes several Hermes Birkin bags, came as Posh announced the launch of her own dVb handbag range.

Bagnificent’s Gerry Campbell said: “It’s incredible that Victoria has managed to build a handbag collection worth one and a half million pounds.

“While most of us can only dream about owning that many beautiful bags it is true that many women own several handbags that they no longer use anymore. 

“Bagnificent offers ladies the chance to sell their old bags and raise cash to purchase a new bag or anything else they want.

“It makes sense in these cash strapped times to sell on your old handbag instead of letting it gather dust at the back of a wardrobe.

“You can also feel great about doing your bit for the environment by recycling your handbag.”

If only Posh would take Gerry’s advice. We’d pay good money for her old bags. For more details please visit


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