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GrowSmart launches: Supporting SMEs to protect the UK economy

Press release July 10, 2019 Business SME Business growth Growth strategy Sales Marketing Strategy HR Finance Procurement Small business Local government LEPs

GrowSmart - The No 1 place for SME growth information and advice

Recent data from the Office of National Statistics suggests that there are over one and a half million (1,667,265) SMEs in the UK, with over seventy percent of the UK’s SMEs registered as micro businesses – an indicator that the appeal in developing a business from scratch is far from being in the decline.

This evidence is supported by our own statistics, at GetSetforGrowth Ltd, a spin-out of YTKO. We aim to achieve our social mission to support 20,000 British businesses by 2020, raise £50 million in finance, and the creation of more than 10,000 new jobs for the UK economy.  Supporting the evidence that SME growth is far from declining, we have already delivered on two of these milestones, having helped 22,000 businesses and raised £67 million finance, and expect to celebrate out 10,000thnew job by the end of this year.

With Small and Medium-sized enterprises at the heart of the UK economy, the Government is committed to supporting small businesses to grow, and so is GetSetforGrowth.

GetSetforGrowth Ltd has launched a new learning portal focused on helping SME businesses to grow. GrowSmart is an online learning platform ( designed to provide SMEs with the knowledge, skills and know how to scale-up their businesses.  GrowSmart helps SMEs generate growth in terms of increased sales, but also to focus on how to maintain and improve their productivity.

There is no other platform that create a holistic growth strategy ‘as you learn’. GrowSmart delivers modules and content in bite-sized portions to maximise flexibility of learning. The platform combines a series of interactive learning modules, with a comprehensive and continually growing resource library full of quality, in-depth articles and guides, all focused on helping SMEs acquire the knowledge and skills needed to grow their businesses. The platform provides the equivalent of a 10 day training course.

A UK government study of over 10,000 SMEs reports that almost half (49 per cent) of SME employers felt competition in the market, regulations and red tape were the major obstacles to the success of their business.

Together with the learning programme, users have access to a large library of articles covering a wide variety of topics from improving their business productivity and profitability, how to increase sales, beat competition and get into new markets, how to access finance, to developing better leadership and management skills. There is help in cutting through the red tape in the procurement process, as well as understanding new HR and data protection regulations too.  With guides and videos to help businesses identify practical measures and techniques to address their business challenges. The platform also offers a Peer-to-Peer support network, where businesses can find role models in their different peers as well as in those who are a ‘step ahead’ or in a different sector.

Local Government and corporate clients can license GrowSmart to help the SMEs in their region to grow, as well as helping increase their reach into underserved communities, such as rural areas, and those with disabilities or caring responsibilities. A Premium Plus to Advanced Plus licence will provide unlimited access to GrowSmart for as many SMEs as required. Powered by AI, the platform can answer questions and provide customised and detailed advice on a wide range of growth topics.  This means GrowSmart can be used as the first place to send SMEs for expert growth advice, freeing up business advisers’ capacity to deliver more face-to-face support in the SME community.

To find out more about licensing GrowSmart, please email us at [email protected].  If organisations register their interest before 31 August 2019, they will be eligible for free licences to our award winning start-up platform, Outset Online.

SMEs have different individual membership options for joining GrowSmart, including a 1-month free trial.  Find out more about individual GrowSmart licences at

License GrowSmart today to help growing SMEs in your regionThe UK’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking.


About GrowSmart

GrowSmart is a new interactive learning portal designing specifically to help SMEs with their growth strategies. It enables the generation of growth, marketing and finance plans, and is supported by a rich resources library on topics including sales, marketing, strategy, finance, HR and procurement.  The platform also hosts an SME community, where like-minded businesses can engage and share challenges, ideas and best practice.

The platform offers individual membership to SMEs ( as well as licenses to register whole SME communities (email: [email protected]or Tel: 0800 917 9881)


About GetSetforGrowth Ltd

GetSetforGrowth is tailored specifically for growing businesses, informed by the experience of working with over 15,000 businesses over the last decade, and our own direct experiences of the challenges that come with sustaining, growing and scale.


About YTKO Group

YTKO Group is a successful, private sector business based in London. Working across the UK and abroad, we bring over 30 years’ private and public sector expertise in supporting new entrepreneurs and established businesses from a wide range of sectors.




Business SME Business growth Growth strategy Sales Marketing Strategy HR Finance Procurement Small business Local government LEPs