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Green Cleaning Company, ICS, Launches Commercial Office Cleaning Services in London and South East England

Press release April 8, 2008 Business

Office and commercial cleaning company, ICS (, is launching its eco friendly office and commercial cleaning services across London and South East England. This move represents its latest step in making UK commercial cleaning a green and environmentally friendly practice.

Gerald Daniels, MD, comments: "We realised there was a lack of responsibility for becoming more environmentally friendly within the commercial cleaning industry. We wanted to challenge and change this attitude, and to make ICS one of the foremost eco friendly office cleaning service providers in the UK."

He adds: "To overcome the view that switching to anything green comes at a cost, we had to equal or outdo conventional cleaning companies on price and service. Many of our clients have chosen us because of our environmental focus and ability to deliver a great service within their budget. We work for Endemol UK and various other media companies and charities."

Particular concerns for ICS are the widespread use of toxic and harmful cleaning chemicals and their adverse impact on health and the environment; unnecessary wastage and packaging, such as non biodegradable plastic cleaning containers and bin liners; the lack of choice of green cleaning consumable items; and emissions created by delivering cleaning stores and managing sites.

ICS has tackled these concerns by maintaining its 'clean and green' ethic across all areas of business. ICS uses cleaning products formulated from natural plant extracts, which are biodegradable, smell fresh and are environmentally and people friendly.

Employees are trained to be environmentally conscious in the workplace, refillable cleaning containers are used, any waste is placed in biodegradable bin liners and, wherever possible, waste and materials are reduced or recycled.

The company offers a wide range of green cleaning supplies and recycled paper products, and delivers services and supplies with vans running on LPG fuel. It also uses low emission scooters around London. To find out more or receive a free online quote, visit or phone 0800 195 2444