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Good leadership equals satisfied employees

Press release August 26, 2016

Very few people know how to appreciate good leadership. Many have probably experienced managers who have been fantastic in one way or another, and just as many can probably think of a leader who was not able to keep track or made a wrong decision with drastic negative consequences.


In companies, where there is good dialogue and cooperation between management and employees, the management style is motivating and respectful and is based on attitudes and values, have more satisfied employees, less employee turnover and lower absenteeism than companies with a rule-based management style. In order to achieve results in a modern private company or in the public sector, it requires that managers and employees can cooperate and that cooperation is based on a high degree of trust and teamwork.


Competent leadership is crucial to an organisation's growth and attraction as a workplace. As a human being, we are attracted to competent leaders whom motivate, develop and unite. The opposite goes for poorly qualified leaders. In others words, it is essential that organisations create good leaders.

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