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Press release April 25, 2008 Sport

Golf's Interactive Search Engine - Golf-Finder.Net. Find Golf Courses, Golf Clubs and Golf Buddies. The only Golf resource you need.

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The new interactive golf search engine and social network for golfers that provides an interactive map with the locations of golf clubs, golf buddies and golf courses. Golf Finder's interactive golf map is the perfect way to find the golf course for your next round. The search facilities provide a simple way to search for a golf course, golf buddies and hotels, by town or surrounding area. Many of the golf courses listed on have high resolution imagery available which can give you a great preview of courses you plan to play or help you review your golf game.

Whatever your search criteria for a golf course, whether you are looking for details of a golf club that you have passed in your car, or looking to find a golf course to play whilst away on holiday or with work. allows you to visually locate the golf course for you on an interactive map. If you are planning a golf holiday then our map provides information on hotels near to the golf course as well.

In addition to details on the course itself you can see weather forecasts for the course helping you to avoid the showers or even catch them if that is your fancy. The weathermen may not always get it right so you can always blame them if the wind is playing havoc with your golf balls.

The Virtual 19th hole golf buddies sections allow you to converse with like minded golfers and arrange not only the golf course for your next round but maybe your playing partner as well. Once registered the map will show you the location of buddies in your area and allow you to start arranging your next round of golf. For registered golf buddies we have forums to discuss the latest golf equipment, courses played, golf headlines or your latest hole in one!

For participating courses there’s an opportunity to book your tee off time through the site by following the simple on screen instructions. Booking your next round of golf at a previously undiscovered course could be just a couple of clicks away. is looking to provide a one stop shop for all your golfing needs. This includes golf insurance, golf handicaps, golfing holidays, golf equipment and accessories. So if you need a handicap to play whilst away on holiday or to simply order some more golf balls can help.

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