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Glow Sticks - What are they all about?

Press release March 2, 2012 Lifestyle

Glow Sticks

From mini glow sticks to 6” glow sticks there is something for everyone. Glow sticks are perfect for festivals, raves, parties or ever thought of using them as lighting when you go camping.

Glow sticks were developed in the 60’s by a chemist named Edwin Chandross. He developed glowsticks to explain the process of chemicals emitting intense light without giving off heat.

The different size glo sticks have different uses:

Mini Glow Sticks – Ever since their invention, glow sticks have been used for a range of activities. Many people presume glow sticks are for raves and parties only, this isn’t the case. The mini glowsticks can be used as bait when fishing or as temporary outside lighting. They can glow for a staggering 8-12 hours.

Standard glow sticks are usually from (4-8”) and come in a range of colours. They are perfect for raves, parties or camping. They come with a hook so they can be hung in your tent to give you light weight choice of lighting.

Jumbo glow sticks are the longest in the business – ranging from 10” to a massive 40”. They tend to be a little more expensive than the standard glow stick; this is because of their size. They emit more light and do so for 12-24 hours. As they glow longer, they can be used by professionals for diving, and rescues.

Glow sticks have evolved and Altereglow offer world exclusive OmniGlow Spot Glow Badges that can be used as promotional custom printing. It doesn’t stop there, for the one you love we have Spot Glow Hearts, simply squeeze them to activate the glow and place them around the home or use them instead of candles for a special dinner.

No matter the occasion or event, make sure you get your glow sticks from Altereglow, we offer some of the cheapest glo sticks on the market.