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Glow in the dark

Press release April 4, 2012 Lifestyle

Do you glow in the dark?

Glow in the dark is becoming one of the UK’s most popular fashion accessories of 2012, and I don’t necessarily mean clothes. Not only do they look cool but they can provide safety and interest in the individual; whether at home or at festivals, or even just walking down the street. There are a number of different ways in which you can sport glow in the dark accessories, from simple touches like glow in the dark shoelaces to the festival glow in the dark shutter shades.

Glow for children

Glow in the dark stickers can be an easy and effective way to encourage children to sleep in their own bedrooms. Not only do they give off a comforting glow when the lights are switched off, a few stickers in their bedroom can create an interesting and inviting space to spend time in.

There is a range of glow in the dark stickers on the market to suit all tastes with the most popular being star and galaxy shapes which can create a glowing night sky on any wall or ceiling, a perfect example of this being the Glow Solar System Kit.


For people with a few more years behind them, attending a festival is hot on the lips of many teens and adults. With the line ups rolling out, getting prepared is something you need to do. A glow in the dark whistle is a great accessory to take to that festival or rave, creating maximum noise and attention with funky colours. Complete the look with Glow in the dark shutter shades and glow in the dark gloves that make you look good while keeping you warm at the same time.


To add a scary touch glow in the dark vampire teeth will make you stand out at Halloween parties. As soon as the lights go out you will look like a supernatural superstar as your lethal teeth emit an eerie green glow. If taking a present to the party or even playing games such as pass the parcel, then glow in the dark wrapping paper just needs 15 minutes of day light then keeps on glowing for up to 24 hours! Your guests or gift receiver will most likely be blown away with the wrapping paper they will not care what is inside.

Glow in the dark is going to be big in 2012, with innovations in technology’s and the sheer practicality of the products, it would be rude not to just on the band wagon.