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Glamira Widens Their Collections For Valentine’s Day

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Glamira, one of the greatest names in custom jewelry provides a wide selection of Heart and Infinity Collections for lovers, this Valentine’s Day while extending a number of their designs.


Valentine’s Day is one of the most special dates of the year which is dedicated to people who love one another. As the day approaches, it gets more and more exciting to look for a gift for that special someone. Customers are already thinking about their special shopping and gift ideas. At this point, Glamira comes to the help of gift shoppers with their special Valentine’s Day Giftscollections.  

Valentine’s Day always represents heart and special feelings. For Glamira, love comes in special shapes as the reason why they add more designs to their wide selections.

The Glamira name and brand is known worldwide as being one of the top custom jewelry manufacturers, and custom engagement rings are among their top-selling products; thus, Glamira offers new designs in their lovely collections.

About Glamira

Glamira was first established in Heilbronn, Germany in 1999. Through the years, Glamira has expanded from selling and manufacturing a wide range of jewelry to specializing in the creative custom design of jewelry. In under a decade, Glamira has expanded exponentially and has become a well known brand throughout the United States and Europe as being a top custom jewelry manufacturer and seller. 

Special Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her. Choosing a gift for that special someone is mostly a hard thing as it is needed to be well-thought and to symbolize the special feelings; however, Glamira makes it pretty easy to explore gift ideas for that special someone and even make their purchases online or in store. 

This Valentine’s Day, Glamira offers a number of special gifts for her (and him) in their collections, including: 

-Engagement rings


-Necklaces & Pendants




-Designs without stone

With a wide range of special, exceptional, breathtaking, exclusive and lovely gifts for both him and her, customers can find everything they are looking for, for that special someone at Glamira. Of course, all of Glamira’s jewelry options can be customized, engraved, and personalized to represent and fit that special someone’s personality, character or that special bond between you. Glamira’s jewelry options are all designed with the utmost precision and accuracy and promises stunning results that are bound to stand out. 

Glamira provides customers with an official Diamond Certificate, certified and approved by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the largest and most reputable non-profit diamond institute in the world with every purchase. Each purchase also comes with official documentation guaranteeing the cut, quality, clarity and color of the diamond or gemstone.

Glamira also provides free shipping on all online purchases as well as a 60-day return policy. Glamira seeks to provide customers with the very best experience, from exploring gifts or that perfect piece of jewelry to giving that special someone a gift that lasts for a lifetime.

Visit here to explore more jewelry (, gift options and ideas, and to learn more about how you can take a piece of jewelry and customize it in a unique way for that special someone. Shopping for Valentine just got easier with Glamira.

For more information on the Glamira brand or to peruse their jewelry options, accessories, and other products, be sure to visit Glamira’s website at or contact the team of customer representatives and account managers Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

Visitors and customers are also encouraged to email their inquiries to [email protected].