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Gigant 3D – tailoring workplaces

Press release November 12, 2009 Business

Gigant 3D is a unique software system that enables visualising of detailed bespoke workplaces, offering customers a chance to ”try before they buy”

A vast range of quality products means Gigant is able to supply truly complete bespoke workplaces for just about any need. Thanks to the advanced illustration software Gigant 3D, any workplace can be thoroughly evaluted and perfected before purchasing, ensuring optimal efficiency.

  • Being able to view the finished workplace with all the proposed equipment in place is very much appreciated by our customers. For most people, seeing the completed premises beforehand in realistic renditions simplifies the decision making significantly, says Ian Street, head of Gigant UK.
    The Gigant 3D package also includes a complete listing of all products being offered. Gigant’s experienced sales staff guide their customers through different options, and the 3D views immediately reveal what can or can’t be done.
  • We always start by visiting the customer’s facilities, to find out as much as possible about their expectations and needs. Often we are able to suggest improvements that the customer hadn’t thought of. The end result from choosing a Gigant 3D solution will be a flexible, ergonomically correct and very efficient workplace, concludes Ian Street.

For further information, please call on 01489 611731.

Gigant Arbetsplats AB is a part of the B&B Tools Group, an ‘A’ listed company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Annual turnover is in excess of £800 million.

The Gigant Workplace Catalogue – also available at – comprises more than 5,000 professional products such as ergonomic workbenches, warehouse storage, safety matting, trucks and trolleys, industrial lifting equipment, EDS-safe products and shelving systems.
Gigant UK is based in  based in Whiteley near Southampton, ready to supply most standard products in the catalogue directly from stock.