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Getting on top of the scrap heap

Press release July 8, 2008

With motoring costs soaring due to fuel prices, now's the time to pay your local scrap yard a visit ...

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Turn to scrap when petrol goes sky-high

With the price of petrol going crazy at the moment, there's one great way of reducing your motoring costs and keeping your car on the road.

Scrap yards are full of spare parts, not just for old cars, but also for the latest models available on the roads. is a new website aimed at spare parts or scrap yard businesses, offering free listings to encourage customers into an online scrap-yard.

This website is ideal for:

  • Owners of spare parts or scrap yard businesses
  • People looking for a scrap yard or parts supplier in their local area
  • Enthusiasts interested in doing up cars, motorcycles or vans who want to chat with other like-minded people

There's an online forum to pass on car maintenance tips and seek advice, a car tools and equipment shop and an opportunity to catch up with all the latest motoring news. launched at the beginning of June 2008 and is now open for business. ... see what's available in the yard!

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