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Press release September 22, 2009 Business

EHP Open Day promotes remote networking to keep small business costs down

A new concept in extended business networking is launched by Edenbridge House Partnership at their Open Day on 15th October. Business contacts and advisors will work in the flesh and remotely over a low cost network of videoconference connections. Those who cannot attend in person will be able to view the proceedings live or look at interesting presentations later over the internet.

Working with Business Link, EHP has pioneered video connections over standard broadband connections, bringing a range of  presentations and meetings to local ( and not - so -local ) business contacts.

The open day will feature presentations on the use of the latest video systems, cloud computing and low energy hosting, social networking and ways to cut travel costs in these credit crunch times. The morning networking session will work in Edenbridge with local Chamber of Commerce members and simultaneously interact with members of the SurfMaidstone network club about 30 miles away.

During the day , Business Link will use the same technology to bring presenters on reducing Carbon Footprint and Green technologies into the meeting without ever leaving their own offices.

"We believe that there needs to be a new look at how offices, particularly those of small businesses, operate in the future. New technology means you dont necessarily need expensive space all the time, and you certainly dont have to get in the car and drive at the drop of a hat",  say EHP Partner, Peter Nightingale

EHP has already transformed the way it rents office space by launching "OfficeShare" where low cost desks are provided to individuals who need the facilities and are prepared to share an office - or work hours that mean they can have the office to themselves late in the evening or early in the morning.

Further Information

Peter Nightingale ( Partner )  07786964166