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Get The Help Of A Premier Business Gas Broker

Press release September 14, 2012 Energy & Environment

If you are a business owner you must make it a priority to get the best price you can on business gas, Utility Renewals are a premier business gas broker who can take care of all your requirements today.

Business gas broker

Business owners across the UK are constantly suffering from rising business utility costs as a result of energy suppliers massively inflating their prices over the past couple of years. Business gas is one of the dreaded bills that always seem to make a dent in a company's monthly profits; with this in mind every business should be looking for the best price possible on their business utility costs.

Utility Renewals are premier business gas brokers who have an excellent track record in helping assist companies to find the best business gas prices and they can offer your business a proven solution to easing your worries about rising business utility costs today.

With their team of business gas analysts and extensive knowledge of commercial business gas tariff markets, Utility Renewals can help your business and pass on prices that are in line with current UK market prices, this ensures you do not get any delays in market price reductions which is an all too familiar story with many energy suppliers who are simply looking to make as much profit from you as possible without giving you a fair price.

Benefits of Utility Renewals Service Include;

  • Savings of up to 40% as we compare your business gas prices for you
  • Independent business energy advice
  • No fees and no hidden costs
  • No interruption to your supply

If you have any issues at all, you have the advantage of a direct line to agents who can help with your query right away instead of being held in a long queue or waiting for a call back. This includes billing issues; Utility Renewals may even be able to help with billing if you are not an existing customer.

For extra peace of mind, all calls are recorded. This helps both your business and the broker to document all conversations on an on-going basis and also provide a great point of reference if you need to review your previous discussions with Utility Renewals.

If you are a business owner suffering from inflated business gas prices or feel that you could save money through the help of a premier business gas broker, call Utility Renewals today on 01282 695565 or visit the website at


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