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Get 50% Off 5 Executive London Shoe Shines

Press release October 5, 2013 Fashion

London Shoeshine Limited are offering their top quality Executive shoe shine service at half the price through the month of October; not only can you get 50% discount once, you can take advantage of this five times.

Executive shoe shine

London Shoeshine Limited have announced that anyone can take this fantastic opportunity to get a 50% discount on not one, but five of their famous top of the range executive shoe shines!

For people on the move there is no need to panic; you can get your 50% off at any of their shoe shine stands in any of our 7 London City locations;

  • Bourdon House – Mayfair
  • Citypoint – Ropemaker Street
  • Tower 42 – Old Broad Street
  • Broadgate Tower – Primrose Street
  • Threadneedle Street
  • Bishopsgate
  • Sir Nicholas of London – London Bridge Walk

All you have to do to get this great discount is share the picture attached on your Facebook wall and leave a comment that you have shared it on their Facebook page

The picture is on the London Shoeshine Facebook page so you can share it easily with the share link.

They will be collect the names of everyone throughout October who shares and comments on the photo so you don’t need to worry – they will know that you are due a discount on 5 executive shoe shines!

As the famous saying goes; "The Shine On Your shoes Tells The World Where You Stand"

For more details please visit

We look forward to giving you all great discount throughout the month!