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Press release February 5, 2008 IT


Creative Craving Press Release Graphic

Due to the launch of Creative Craving, the UK's very own online design marketplace, graphic designers, artists, photographers and creative minds of all types can now create unique designs, place them on products like T-shirts, mugs, canvases & posters, then open their own free online shop to sell these exclusive creations. This is all done on the website making plain T-shirts a thing of the past.

Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt

For anyone bored with ordinary slogan tees and looking for something more unique, the concept is simple: create your own individual designs, place them on products with an easy-to-use online application, ‘click print' and 3 business days later your creations are turned into reality and dispatched to your door. All products are available in numerous shapes, sizes and colours, with a minimum order of just one.

Set Up Your Own UK Shop Risk Free

The Creative Craving marketplace provides online space to exhibit merchandise with original graphics and text then lets others buy your creations from your own personal web address. Creative Craving hosts all shops in its marketplace for free, giving entrepreneurs, charities or clubs the chance to make money and gain access to a huge market. There's no need to hold any stock so there's no risk if an unusual design doesn't sell, no money tied up in stock, no need to guess colours and sizes required in advance. Creative Craving handles the payment, printing, dispatch and ensures smooth customer service.

Darren Edels, CEO of Creative Craving said, "The concept of designing your own customised products and then selling them to the public isn't new. The benefit that Creative Craving offers is a design marketplace based in the UK. This means that individual merchandise is shipped to you or your customer within 3 days, with no import duties. There are no fees to open or maintain a shop, no limit to the number of creations that can be added and you set your own commission levels."

The base rate charged for a standard T-shirt is £12.45 plus £2.50 shipping and sellers can set their own prices for their designs and receive the difference in these costs as their commission.

Background: Creative Craving Limited based in London is registered in England, United Kingdom. Company no: 5886833

Attached Graphic: Jagimagery Shop hosted by Creative Craving.