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Fun New Way to Shed the Pounds at Specialist UK Weight Loss Retreat

Press release December 31, 2012 Health

Weight loss expert Simone Storm has opened the UK's first retreat based on the ketosis method, which is proven to shift weight in a fast, fun and sustainable way so guests can learn how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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Weight loss coaching company Myfreshstart has opened its first retreat in Somerset in the UK to assist people on their transformational journey to long-term, sustainable weight loss and good health.

The retreat is thought to be the first of its kind in the country, as it uses a method designed to get the body into a fat burning state, known as “ketosis”, which balances the hormones and speeds up the body’s metabolism.

Myfreshstart Retreat was created by weight loss expert and hypnotherapist Simone Storm. She discovered this powerful method when trying to conquer her own life-long battle with obesity and poor health.

Simone commented: “I have tried almost every diet and exercise plan out there but nothing compares to the fast results you can achieve with ketosis. It strips the fat off while retaining muscle, balancing hormones and stabilizing blood sugars levels, leading to many health benefits.

“As humans we’re not designed to eat vast amounts of carbohydrates and sit on our bums all day. We’re hunter-gatherers by nature, so we’re programmed to thrive on a high protein diet, scarcity and an active lifestyle. The ketosis kick-start method we use at our retreat helps people switch their bodies back to this healthier, natural state.”

Following her own success with this method, where she dropped several stone in a couple of months, Simone trained as a weight loss coach and hypnotist to help others. She has since helped numerous clients lose lots of weight, and now wishes to share this experience and knowledge at Myfreshstart Retreat.

Located in a large, luxurious country house in Somerset, the UK weight loss retreat is designed to provide a wellbeing holiday where people can escape the pressure of everyday life and begin their transformation. The retreat offers a positive environment in which to make lifestyle changes which are sustainable in the long-term.

As well as the healthy, high protein diet plan, guests are invited to join fun exercise classes and walks in the surrounding countryside. They are also offered hypnosis by qualified therapists to get to the root of the problem and transform their attitude to food and exercise.

One-to-one consultations and therapies are supported by group activities and entertainment to give people a fun, educational and inspirational break to crack their weight problems once and for all.

“We are a friendly, compassionate weight loss and healthy living retreat. We want people to enjoy themselves and learn a new approach to weight loss, which delivers great results and is easy to incorporate into everyday life.

“Guests will learn which simple, tasty foods they should be eating and get to to grips with the fact that what we put in our mouths needs to be burnt as energy otherwise it will turn to fat. A lot of people do not grasp this concept, which is why the UK is now the fattest nation in Europe.”

She added: “I have been on loads of retreats all around the world as research for Myfreshstart, so we know exactly what people need and want from a retreat. We believe we have something special and unique which will be enjoyable and above all effective. This method works!”

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