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Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales), the cult hit from the Netherlands, expands to the world of e-books.

Press release August 1, 2011 Culture

Self published FUFFYS (f**cked up fairytales) is now worldwide available as an e-book on Amazon and Xinxii.

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Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales) is a sleeper cult hit that until now was only available as a hard cover book in English-language bookshops in the Netherlands or directly from the author’s (teaser) website

Bryan Paul Rechards is the author and illustrator of Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales). Unlike many other writers who are without a publisher and try their luck with self-publishing, Bryan Paul Rechards did manage to find his book a nationwide audience. Now he takes the next step to officially release Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales) as an e-book to find a worldwide audience.

Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales) is a collection of 7 contemporary tales and is definitely not the average fairytales book and/or suited for young children. It is a book that on many levels is ‘different’, as much in writing as it is in illustrations. It is a mix of satire, parody and fantastical allegory of the unexpected while at the same time shows savvy observations regarding popular culture. It gives these stories a depth and sharpness than most other contemporary fairytales out there seem to lack.

At first look the illustrations in Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales) could be straight from a children’s book. Look again, and there is the same humor and/or macabre that can be found in all the 7 stories. Together the stories and illustrations combine to create a different kind of read.

Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales) is Bryan Paul Rechards’ first time public effort as an author. An author, whose self-description is as a-typical as the world in his tales. His Authors Page on Amazon shows a masked guy on a black and white photo with a biography in the form of a short fairytale. A free (very short) ‘Fuffys’ that is to be a fitting introduction into this imaginative and rather peculiar world.

Fuffys (f**cked up fairytales), written by Bryan Paul Rechards, is now available as an e-book in the United Kingdom on, in the United States on, in Germany on and for the rest of Europe and the world on and