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Fuel Panic– Avoid this Tactic with your Business Energy Contract

Press release April 4, 2012 Energy & Environment

So, are you one of the British masses who panic bought some kind of fuel in the last few days? If you did and are being hard on yourself, don’t be. People every day are reacting quickly to make the best decisions for themselves and their families before perhaps finding out the facts.

Fill up your energy tanksTo listen to a figurehead (read as the Prime Minister in this case) and believe what they say – then to react – is one thing. To buy a commodity straight away based on time sensitive, unqualified facts is another.

The truth is, it is normal human behaviour to act like this but there are other ways!

Utility Renewals act as a broker selling business energy to all shapes and sizes of companies on behalf of the big energy suppliers. In this prime position, they are able to see the point of view of both the business owner and the supplier.

The director of Utility Renewals has been working with UK businesses for 30 years, delivering top quality, low price energy contracts, every single day. This dedication and passion to his customers has naturally filtered down to all the staff at Utility Renewals. They know that some energy suppliers, brokers and independents out there like to panic busy company owners into signing up to discount business energy contracts, tying them into long ball and chain tariffs with no real justification.

Everyone at Utility Renewals understands that listening to each business and asking the right questions means the difference between a good and bad deal. Potential business energy customers can rest assured they will have all their options explained to them at every step. If they can’t help get you a better deal – they will tell you where to get one.

So if you’re starting to panic that your business energy contract is up for renewal or you desperately want to switch, call Utility Renewals knowing they will calmly compare prices taking the pressure off you.



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