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Free Solar V's Paid Solar

Press release August 31, 2011 Energy & Environment

It is not an un-usual site to see Solar Panels on homes through out the UK and with British Gas announcing Electricity Bills to rise in August it is no wonder more people are considering fitting Solar Panels on to their roofs. The question is do you install free solar panels or pay for your solar panels to be installed?

Solar PV
The facts about Free Solar Power V's Paid Solar Power

Many homes throughout Scotland and the UK have chosen Solar Power as their alternative energy generation, the new Government Feed in Tariff (FIT) has been a big incentive for home owners and that is one of the main reasons more UK roofs are displaying Solar Panels. The Government scheme not only allows you to save over £70 per year on electricity bills, you also get paid for the electricity you generate by selling back each Kilowatt hour (KWH) to the National Grid.

A typical Solar Panel system can cost from £12,000 upwards however over the 25 year scheme, you could make a profit of 100% making it a sound investment. Not only will you be making a greener environmental difference, you will also save over £70 per year on your energy bills in addition to the payback scheme.

If you do not have £12,000 to spare then there is another option; Free Solar Energy, with the new FIT Scheme means that Solar Companies are offering to install Free Solar Power into homes. Not only does it make your home greener, you can save more than £70 per year on electricity bills, even more if you spend more time at home during daylight hours and with energy bills set to rise. With Free Solar, the company will install the Solar Panelsinto your home for free, you will benefit from lower energy bills and the Solar Company will be paid the money you make from generating electricity. Making it a popular choice if you haven't got money to spare. If you choose a reputable Solar Company then they will maintain the panels over the 25 year period and pay for insurance to cover any damage.

Paid Solar V's Free Solar:

Paid Solar Power: you outlay the initial installation fee, you benefit from cheaper electricity bills and you can earn up to £1,030 per year.

Free Solar Power: the Solar Company pay for installation, you save on electricity bills and the Solar Company earn the £1,030 from electricity generated.

When choosing either Solar PowerInstallation ensure that you have planning permission and you use a reputable Solar Power Company. We highly recommend Viscount Solar as they have over 18 years experience in Energy Saving Solutions and have all the approved accreditation's. Visit to find out more about Paid Solar and Free Solar.



Energy & Environment

Solar PV
The facts about Free Solar Power V's Paid Solar Power
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